Fast Facts

  • Location: In southern Germany
  • Attraction Type: Historic town
  • Significance: A spa town
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • How to Reach: By rail to Baden-Baden; alternatively by highways A5 and A8; or fly to Baden Baden airport and then travel by road
  • Nearest International Airport: Stuttgart International Airport

Baden Baden is a unique resort town on the edge of the Black Forest in Germany. Resort town Baden Baden is perfect for a wellness vacation with incomparable spas, relaxation possibilities, sporting activities, and culinary alternatives. The pollution-free environment added to these niceties makes Baden Baden in Germany a favored destination for corporate meetings and political conventions. Whatever the event, the ambiance and the hospitality of the German city Baden Baden has never been short of first-class. br>
The thermal baths assembly with the casino is the central attraction of this picturesque town. The Lichtentaler Allee totally meant for pedestrians covers several kilometers leading to several cafes and boutiques. Lichtental Convent is a remarkable building in baroque architecture within this spa park. The casino is another significant building in this area. Even if you are not interested in playing, a visit to this oldest and largest German casino in Baden Baden is a fascinating experience.

Another outstanding site is the ruins of the Roman bath providing valuable insights into Roman lifestyles. Renowned composer Brahms had his residence in this German city.

Baden Baden Activities
The Lichtentaler Allee leads to Gonneranlage Rose Garden which boasts of over 300 varieties of roses. Explore the river path along with its gardens from Oos River to Klosterplatz. A funicular ride to Mount Merkur assures a spectacular view of Baden Baden from the top. For an aerial view of this town, you could also attempt hot air ballooning. Discovering the town on a horseback is an exciting experience.

You could test your golf skills in any of the nine golf courses is the Baden-Alsace region. In case, you travel to Baden Baden for relaxation indulge in Friedrichsbad baths and Caracalla spa.

Accommodation and Dining
Baden Baden has more award-winning restaurants in Germany than any other region. The wine-growing region of Redland in Baden Baden is famous for producing Rieslings wine. Laterne Restaurant housed in a three-hundred-year-old timber-framed building is famous for its cozy homely ambiance and fresh ingredients. Le Jardin de France serves authentic French cuisine and is among the best in these areas of Germany. Alde Gott Restaurant set amidst vineyards is a fabulous setting for a hearty meal.

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