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Black Forest, Germany

Fast Facts
  • Location: Baden-Wurttemberg in southwestern Germany
  • Elevation: 1,493 meters
  • Area: 12,000 km²
  • Time to Visit: Late Spring and early Autumn
  • Ticket: Daily ticket for DM10, valid for one day unlimited travel in the region and 2 adults and 2 children on weekends
  • How to Reach: The Black Forest region is easy to get to by air. The nearest international airport is the EuroAirport (Basle- Mulhouse- Freiburg). It is well-connected to Freiburg and Stuttgart airport. Apart from air access, there are frequent train services are available. The A 5 which runs through the Rhine valley provides easy access to France and Switzerland. The A 81, running through the east of the Black Forest, connects the cities of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Freiburg Hbf
  • Nearest International Airport: EuroAirport (Basle- Mulhouse- Freiburg), Stuttgart
  • Time required for sightseeing: Around 3 hours
The Black Forest region is one of Germany's most popular tourist destinations. Like Bavaria to its east, the Black Forest combines great outdoor scenery with unique local customs, products, and fare. It is also the heart of Germany's timber and woodworking industry that generates much of Black Forest has Many Beautiful Views the region's economy beyond tourism.The pompous
t with its colorful pompoms is not the only thing Black Forest in Germany is famous for, although it is one of its most loved gifts to the world. In itself, Black Forest is a picturesque place in central Europe.
Bordered by the Rhine valley to the west and south, Schwarzwald or the Black Forest region in Baden-Wurttemberg is known for its verdant highlands, charming scenery and woods. It is also famous for the typical Black Forest Gateau, which is one of the most famous places to explore in Germany. Like Bavaria to its east, the Black Forest, the heart of Germany's timber and woodworking industry, is packed with majestic scenery, unique local customs and fare. The name 'black forest' was given due to the fact that the dense forest was quite impenetrable through the wood. It is also one of the richest haunts of silver ore and wood trade in Europe. When the wood trade started to stagger, clock-making took its place and it has been a thriving and profitable industry for the Black Forest region ever since the 17th century.

Points of interest

The Black Forest, with its picturesque villages, wonderful spa-bath resorts, breathtaking hiking trails and beautiful ski resorts, is an ideal holiday Mecca. The most popular tourist destinations are the cities of Freiburg and Baden-Baden on the western part of the Black Forest. Some of the towns which are located in this region include Bad Herrenalb, Baiersbronn, Freudenstadt, Furtwangen, Gengenbach, Gutenbach, Sasbachwalden, Schramberg, Staufen, Titisee-Neustadt, Hausach and Wolfach.

Other places of interests in the Black Forest region include the gorgeous mountains of the Feldberg, the Belchen, the Kandel, and the Schauinsland; the exquisite lakes of Titisee and Schluchsee; the scenic waterfalls of All Saints and the Triberg and the mesmerizing gorge of the River Wutach.

The travelers can go to visit the open-air museum of the Vogtsbauernhofe which exhibits the life of the 16th or 17th century farmers of the region or the German Clock Museum in Furtwangen which displays the history of the clock industry and of watchmakers.

Apart from the above-mentioned Black Forest attractions, the vacationers can also explore Freiburg, Pforzheim and Triberg. The beautiful city of Freiburg, though famous for Black Forest cake and cuckoo clocks, has far more to offer. Built by the Romans as a mercantile hub on the northern fringe of the Black Forest, the fascinating town of Pforzheim at the confluence of the Wurm, Enz and Nagold Rivers, is today the center for traditional jewelry and clock-making. The Schwarzwald-Museum of Triberg, with treasured collection of costumes, handcrafts and furnishings, represents the true spirit of the Black Forest.

The festival of Fastnacht or Fasnet, as it is known in the Black Forest region, takes place in the time leading up to Lent. Throngs of people, wearing masks, line the streets on Rosenmontag or the Monday before Ash Wednesday.

Where to stay

As is common with any popular tourist spot, the Black Forest region has also no lack of hotels, restaurants, shops and all the things that the travelers are usually looking for. Starting from the luxury hotels, there are abundant standard budget and discount hotels in and around Black Forest as well.

The hotels in Black Forest offer comfortable guestrooms along with complete range of dining and other facilities to meet the needs of leisure as well as business travelers. Most of them provide you various opportunities for health and recreation as well. Some of the popular places to reside at Black Forest region are Alemannenhof Hotel Hinterzarten, Best Western Hotel Hofgut Sternen Titisee, Carlton Hotel Donaueschingen, TOP CountryLine Hotel Ritter Badenweiler, Zum Hirsch Hotel Pfalzgrafenweiler Herzogsweiler.

Culinary delights

The region is famous for Black Forest ham and Black Forest gateau, also known as Black Forest Cherry Cake. You can also savor Flammkuchen, a Badisch specialty which is made with ham, cheese and cream or Pfannkuchen, a type of pastry.

Things to do

Freudenstadt is the most centrally located town and it is the starting point for the travelers to go for hiking and ski-trails through the nearby hills.

Shopping in the Black Forest is really a wonderful experience for the tourists. Wood-carving is the traditional cottage industry of the Black Forest region. You can buy carved ornaments or cuckoo clocks as souvenir.

Enjoy a memorable visit to the Black Forest, blessed with a rich mythological landscape.

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