Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in Oberammergau village in Bavaria, Germany
  • Attraction Type: Event
  • Significance: The longest-running play in history, started in 1634 and is performed every 10 years.
  • Best Time to visit:15th May to 3rd October 2010. Performed every 10 years.
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach here is to come down to Munich airport. Now take a train from Munich to reach Oberammergau. You may need to switch trains in the Mumau station.
  • Nearest International Airport: Munich Airport (MUC).

The magnetism of the play can only be understood from the fact that it has been performed since 1634. Too excited to hear? Believe it or not, the Passion Play of Oberammergau, also known as Oberammergau Passion Play, is a passion play that has been performed for over 370 years as a tradition by the Oberammergau village people in Bavaria, Germany. The play, a musical drama performed every ten years, is all about the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The local inhabitants believed that they would get relieved from the ill-effects of the bubonic plague if they perform a play every ten years portraying the life and death of Jesus and hence the play started in the year 1634. Currently, the Passion Play of Oberammergau is undoubtedly the longest-running play in history.

The Play
The Passion Play of Oberammergau is currently performed repeatedly over a time span of five months in the last year of each decade. The most recent shows were performed in the year 2000 and hence, the next will be staged in 2010 from 15th May to 3rd October. It is a huge play involving over 2,000 performers, musicians, and stage technicians. Most interestingly, all the performers are from the same village.

Spoken dramatic text, choral and musical accompaniment and ‘tableaux vivants’ — the scenes from the Old Testament depicted by motionless actors with a verbal description, are used in the play to depict the story of Jesus. The Passion Play of Oberammergau is a seven-hour play where a meal is served during the intermission. Though initially, the audience could see the show for free, it was in 1790 when admission fees were charged for the first time. Currently, tickets are mostly sold as a package with 1 or 2 nights’ accommodation.

Passion Play Oberammergau 2010
In the year 2010, the premiere of the Passion Play of Oberammergau will take place on 15th May and the play will be staged for 102 days. And for the first time in the history of the Passion Play of Oberammergau, the performance will begin in the afternoon from 2.30 p.m. to 5 p.m., while the second part will be performed in the evening from 8 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

Tickets: There are 4,720 seats in the Passion Play Theatre. Four categories of tickets are available that costs € 165.00, € 137.50, € 93.50, and € 49.50. Packages are also available for the performances on Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Packages include accommodation as well.

The best option for accommodation is to go for packages. You can choose from 1-night or 2-night packages. You can choose your accommodation from a range of hotel guesthouses, inns, youth hostels, and private landlords as well.

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