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Location: Cyclades Islands in Greece
Time to Visit: July to October
Admission Fee:
How to Reach: Regular ferry services ply between the island and the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The journey takes around 5 hours. There is also a small airport which connects the place with cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and other places in Greece
Nearest Railway Station:
Nearest International Airport: Athens Airport
The time required for sightseeing: 2-3 days

It was a moment of transition. The new divine order led by Zeus the Almighty has replaced the titans, the older order of gods. A great battle has taken place, and the very land under their feet has felt the brunt of divine confrontation. This land, this site of one of the most gruesome mythic wars, is now the hot and happening Mykonos Island in Greece. Tourists from all over the world arrive to pamper their senses on the island of Mykonos – the land of amazing nightlife, the place where the rich and the famous arrive to socialize and sea bathe, the unofficial gay capital of the world!

Sun, sea, and sand conspire with picturesque beauty and mythic legacy to make this island one of the most popular European destinations. It is the most cosmopolitan place in the Cyclades Islands in Greece and is famous for its booming dining, shopping and entertainment districts. But more than this, Mykonos Island, Greece (Historic Island) is a land of unique beauty and charm with treasures still to be unexplored”¦. Make a trip to Mykonos and enjoy the holidays of your dreams!

Mykonos Island is a part of the Cyclades Islands and is spread over an area of 105.183 square km. The island is mainly made of granite rocks and the highest point is situated at an elevation of 341 meters. The island was named after a local hero Mykonos. Locals believe that the hero was an offspring of Greek God Apollo. Due to its vibrant atmosphere, locals also call it the “island of winds”.

The history of Mykonos Island, Greece can be traced back to the 11th century BC when the Ionians first settled here. Mykonos was the place where the between Zeus and the titan took place according to Greek mythology. In the Greek era, the island became a major supply area and served as the gateway to the adjacent island of Delos. Since then, Mykonos enjoyed widespread prominence among the Cyclades Islands.

Today, Mykonos Island in Greece is a happening place with excitement everywhere. The alluring island with its splendid charm, traditional architecture and vibrant ambiance entices thousands of tourists from all over the world. Renowned celebrities of the world come to the island for holiday trips. Famous personalities like Aristoteles Onasis, Grace Kelly, Maria Kallas, Brigitte Bardot, and others used to come to the island regularly.

What makes Mykonos Islands so famous?
The sandy beaches of the island are famous for their scenic beauty. Enjoy bathing in the azure waters of the sea or enjoy basking under the sunny skies. Most beaches are surrounded by rocky cliffs and have sprawling vegetation of coconut and pine trees. You can also enjoy an array of water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, swimming and lots more. To enjoy different types of water sports to the fullest, visit the Platys Gialos, which has the entire infrastructure for water sports. Some of the other popular beaches are Super Paradise, Paradise, Elia beach, Ftelia, Ornos, Psarou, Tourlos, Houlakia, and Agios Stefanos and so on. Some of the beaches like Agios Ioannis have been venues for various Hollywood shootings.

Mykonos is also home to a number of tourist attractions. You can visit these places to witness the grand buildings with traditional architecture and other architectural and historical sites. You can go to Chora Village to get a feel of the local culture and tradition or to Little Venice which is a picturesque place where the traditional buildings are constructed right on the edge of the sea with their balconies overhanging on the water. Some of the popular points of interest where you can visit are Petros the Pelican, Mykonos windmills, Paraportiani, Archaeological Museum, Aegean Maritime Museum, and Delos.

Nightlife in Mykonos is Greece is full of charm and vibrancy and is one of the famous attractions of the place. The booming nightlife of Mykonos ranks among the best in Europe. The island is home to a variety of bars, pubs, discos, and cafes where travelers can enjoy to the fullest. Most of the bars, pubs, karaoke bars, cocktail bars, and discos are situated near the main town center of Mykonos.

The huge inflow of tourists has led to the rise of numerous hotels in Mykonos. For enjoying a high degree of comfort and luxury with warm hospitality, book a room at any of the hotels. Most hotels are located close to the main town center and can be reached easily. Some popular centers of accommodation are Poseidon Hotel Apartments, Andronikos Hotel, Hotel Elysium, Hotel Leto, Adonis Mykonos Hotel, Ostraco Suites and lots more.

You can conveniently come to Mykonos Island. Regular ferry services ply between the island and the ports of Piraeus and Rafina. The journey is very pleasant and takes around 5 hours. There is also a small airport which connects the place with cities like Athens, Thessaloniki and other places in Greece. The ideal season for coming here is between the months of July and October.

Click on the following links for detailed and comprehensive information on a tour to the Mykonos Islands: For an overview of the extremely hip and happening beach activities at the Mykonos Beach, which gets really wild with the setting of the sun, watch this video! To check out the unique charm of the Mykonos Beach, complete with the beautiful crowd who would leave no stone unturned to soak in the foam and the fun, watch this video! To get a feel of the unique charm of the Mykonos Islands, including the typically Greek architecture and the wonderful beach, click on this link.

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