Fast Facts

  • Location: the Frisian Islands, Nordfriesland district of Northern Germany
  • Attraction Type: Island
  • Significance: Island, Beaches, Heritage, Cycling, Hiking
  • Best Time to visit: Can be visited throughout the year.
  • How to Reach: There are flights to Sylt Airport from Cologne and Stuttgart, all around the week. You can take a passenger train from Niebull or Klanxbull to Westerland. Ferry services to Sylt can be availed from the Danish island of Romo.
  • Nearest International Airport: Sylt Airport

This is one place in Germany where German is not spoken. The most widely spoken and official language of Sylt is Soaring. Sylt, despite being a part of Germany, has cultural traditions that are unique to it. It’s picturesque beachfront, culture and idyllic setting attract a large number of visitors every year. Sylt is the fourth largest island of the North Frisian group of islands and is part of the Nordfriesland district of Northern Germany. Kampen, Weeningstedt-Brederup and the city of Westerland are the most popular tourist destinations in Sylt.

History of Sylt
Sylt was originally a part of Jutland, most of which is now part of the Danish mainland. Its history is well attested in the strong Danish influence as found in the Soaring tongue. Time and again, the island was subject to changes in shape and topography and found its present shape about 400 years back. The first Frisian settlement was founded on the island at around 8th and 9th century AD, and by the 17th century, it developed as a major trading center with whaling, fishing and oyster breeding becoming the principal occupations.

The history of tourism in Sylt goes back to the 19th century, when Westerland replaced Keitum — an affluent settlement for marine captains, as the capital city. Although it did not suffer much during the First World War, World War II saw the building of some bunkers along the dunes, some of which continue to exist. However, presently Sylt has nothing of its violent past. It is a peaceful tourist resort, popular because of its excellent maritime climate and scenic beauty. Many German celebrities own homes and establishments on the island of Sylt.

Main Tourist Resorts in Sylt
Sylt has a long unbroken coastline that runs for 38 km. During the peak season, the entire coastline is full of a large number of cots and beach chairs, where the tourists spend quiet days by the shore. The towns and the cities are quaint, stylish and amazing places to visit. The major towns of Sylt are Kampen, Braderup, Hornum, List, Morsum, Munkmarsh, Rantum, Tinnum, and Wenningstedt. Westerland, the only city of the island with a population of around 100,000, is the capital of the island. Westerland has a large number of beautiful houses that add a distinct charm to the city.

Things to do in Sylt
Spending time by the wonderful coastline is the greatest attraction of Sylt. Westerland and Keitum are the most popular tourist places. However, there are plenty of things to do for tourists with an inclination towards adventure activities. Some of the popular activities that you can indulge in during your visit to Sylt are cycling and hiking. There is a beautiful 200-kilometer cycling circuit in Sylt that is a delight to bike through. A 50 km hiking trail adds to the attraction. Lovers of history will adore a tour to Sylter Heimatmuseum. You can also plan a trip to Altfriesisches Haus, a very popular museum on the island.

Accommodation in Sylt
You can choose among apartments, hotels, and resorts during your visit to Sylt. There are many of them on the island. Rental apartments on some quiet beachfront are the best ways to experience the island. There are rental apartments available in Wenningstedt, Tinnum and in the capital city of Westerland.

However, if you are planning a shorter trip or prefer a hotel to an apartment, you will find much spreads all over the island. Some of the popular hotels in Sylt include Strandhotel Sylt, Dorint Strandhotel Westerland, Hotel Windrose, Miramar Hotel, Strandhotel Monbijou, and Long Island House.

Restaurants in Sylt
Sylt is a great place to enjoy some really delicious delicacies. Some of the most popular restaurants in Sylt include Sol’ring Hof Restaurant in Rantum, Dorfkrug Rotes Kliff in Kampen, Jurg Muller in Westerland, L.A. Sylt and Alter Gaston are some of the most popular restaurants in Sylt.

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