May it is the unpleasant memoirs of the world war, the draconian principles of Adolf Hitler or the ruthless killing of 11 Israelis during the 1972 Summer Olympics, Germany still withholds its past vigor and charisma. Today, walking past the main roads or the by-lanes of must see Bavaria or anywhere in the country startles you, as you come across plush markets, architecturally adorned historical parks or — for instance — the adoring beauty of nature. I was drop-down impressed in the first instance after I happened to be a part of the much-awaited Oktoberfest in Munich. This city – a must see place in Bavaria state – is wholesome for providing diverse tourist attractions. Ask for museums, heritage sites, ruins or architectural edifices, the city stores everything you wish to have on a trip — but often don’t get it.

Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is my favorite city to gather tit-bits about the history of the country. Boasting of rich history and a sordid yet memorable past, the city is true, every globe-trotter’s dream. For me it was the sophisticated Natuinaltheatre Munchen, that other than being an eminent Munich site, is also a must see the place in Bavaria. Home to the Bavarian State Opera and the Bavarian State Ballet, the theater has even gained great importance for conducting five operas of Richard Wagner. Other places like Allanionz or the Olympiapark, Frauenkirche — a notable historical souvenir from the Gothic periods – or for instance the Englischer Garten is also brilliant for tourists to enjoy a walk. If it is Bavaria tourist spots you are looking for than wear your best shoes to vagabond all throughout the state

As a whole, the must see Bavaria sites are excellent places for nature lovers as well – those looking for a break from the humdrum of the cities. A drive from Munich to the Austrian Border, scattered with beautiful terrains of the German Alps will drop you amidst picturesque surroundings, worthy to be captured in your camera. The overwhelming scenic vistas, and the dense verdures sprawled on the hill slopes, indeed intoxicates your mind. Stand at the corner of the Alpspitz — a mountain near Garmisch – and look around. What you see is a wide-angle view of the entire area resplendent with sharp-edged peaks, jagged surface amidst greenery, and the blazing sun-bathed rocks — almost sparking with reflection. For sightseeing, what I checked out was the Zigspitz – the highest mountain in Germany- and the areas near the border crossing station in Austria — also home to the King Ludwig’s Castle. Nearby, must see tourist attractions in Bavaria include Berchtesgaden and the Konigssee — perfect for hiking or boating on the lakes — or the Berchtesgaden Salt Mine and the quaint town of Ramsao.

Sightseeings are practically endless. Henceforth, watch out for the must see Bavaria sites only, rather than traversing all throughout. Also, Rothenberg ob der Tauber – a Medieval Walled city – situated northwest of Munich along the Romantic Road is an absolute stunner. Travel more south and there you are, two other walled cities, Dunkelsbuhl and Nordlingen. Next, even the churches in the state are considered to be must see places in Bavaria. Say why? It is the architecture, the rather unusual history unfolded and the salubrious surrounding perfect for sauntering that enchants you. Enjoy lazing around or gaping at the architectural marvels or discovering the historical importance of the Ottobeuren Church, or the abbey church in Neresheim. Amongst all architectures, the Neuschwanstein Castle is a must, not for its stature or history attached, but for the stunning mountainous terrains in the German Border on the edge of the Alps that surround it.

Galore with castles, mountains, museums, and historic ruins, Bavaria is a destination you mustn’t miss, if in Germany.

List of must see Bavaria:

  • Oktoberfest in Munich
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Ottobeuren Church
  • The abbey church in Neresheim
  • Dunkelsbuhl
  • Nordlingen
  • Rothenberg ob der Tauber
  • Berchtesgaden Salt Mine
  • Ramsao
  • Berchtesgaden and the Konigssee
  • King Ludwig’s Castle
  • German Alps

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