If it is only Hitler’s Nazism or the unscrupulous tyranny of the dictator on the human race, that creeps in your mind when you speak of Germany or the capital city Berlin, then you are still yet to know more about the country. Obviously, every heart shudders to take a step back to the dark ages of World Wars, but today with flourishing technology, improved economic stability, and vivacious tourism experience, the must see Berlin sites have become inevitable for all. Walk past the streets and you can come across myriads of historical sites sprawled all across the city. And that’s not all. Almost everything starting from luxuriant market places, bounteous shops to groovy nightclubs and calm parks/gardens, Berlin has everything to keep you well harnessed with its heady charm. ‘Must see places in Berlin’ — that’s what I read in a recent travel magazine — though quite late after I have already checked out every vicinity of the city and the nearby countrysides. But given a chance, I would bag-pack stuff for a second trip. And, frankly, this passion — almost crossing all limits of madness — is not for the shimmers of the markets or the pretty looking countrysides, but for that queer aura — the vibe — of the city that entices me.

While on my trip six months back, it became increasingly confusing to decide what to watch and whatnot. The sightseeings are endless — impossible to check within a short span of time. Lucky me, as I got acquainted with a German local, who immersed somewhere from the crowd to helped me out of my messed- up confused mind. My joyful trip began with Alte National Gallery — a UNESCO World Heritage site — one of the most commonly visited must see Berlin sightseeings. Endowed with a rather unusual structure that stuns even the locals multiple times, this historical masterpiece — that stands stalwart on an Island ( UNESCO World Heritage Museum Island) on the spree River – testifies the great history of the country and also delves you deeper into the 19th-century art from the Prussian Heritage Foundation. ‘This is what you say art, a marvel of all times’, cried aloud the German, on directing me to the Brandenburg Gate — one of the most venerable structures of Europe – known for its series of unforgettable historical events and the national pride attached to it. What registers when you look at it is a gigantic stone architecture that is further adorned with a group of horse sculptures at the top of all. A couple of architecture or must see places in Berlin are also testimonials of the sordid happenings of the world. For instance, the Berlin Wall Memorial drives you back to the times of the Iron Curtain Cold War.

While there is not much scope for nature watching within the city premises, yet we ambled incessantly throughout the city, finally dropping on the Berlin Zoological Garden, best to watch the diverse fauna and the curious aroma of rare plants. For a closer look into the culture of the city or the country alike, the museums are must see Berlin sites. The magnificent Bode-Museum – with its Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance and Gothic Art, the renowned Pergamon Museum is known for its vast historical eminence and its deep-rooted connection to Babylon, and of course, the must see Neues Museum, and the Jewish Museum in the city is also amazing to watch out.

For the first time visitors, The Reichstag and the voluminous, yet the marvelous architecture of the Berlin Cathedral would also be an excellent site to saunter around and photograph. So, start off. Make a trip this year.

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