Ever since I planned for a vacation plan in Europe, I have been groping into tourism books and travel guide magazines. The vast array of tourist spots in Europe left me bewildered, until my plan to foray the nearby places in England was interrupted by a call from a touring company. ‘Sir, must see Frankfurt sightseeings — are you on for it, sir?”, his voice quavered through the network. Frankfurt reminds you of Germany, of rich heritage, museums and of course, the rather sordid yet eventful history. ‘The plan isn’t bad’, I thought. Germany had always been enchanting to me, ever since I visited Berlin last year. Everything about Germany is fascinating. May it be the unstoppable frenzy for football, the gushing excitement at the Oktoberfest or the diverse must see places in Frankfurt. Images of Berlin-on my last visit to Germany — the fun-filled nights and the serenely picturesque surroundings of the city parks hovered around my head. Henceforth, plans changed, finances were calculated and arranged, bags were packed afresh and flight ticket to Frankfurt was booked.

Excitement arose like waves as we (flight passengers) approached the Frankfurt am Main Airport. A ripple of the thrill was infused within all — those who were first-time tourists in Germany. After landing in the city, I was more than smitten by the overall ethnic tint and the quaint historical aura. Hence, unpacking myself at the hotel room, I gave in to extensive rambling throughout all the must see places in Frankfurt. First, it was the oldest and the most traditional ‘The Romer’ — situated in the center of the city. I was here, not to check out the luxuriant shops or the pubs, but to view the most ancient City Hall — as old as 1405 — a must see Frankfurt tourist attraction. What struck me at the first instance was the unusual mix of history and the modern world. If you are awe-struck by the plethora of Gothic Churches and other city halls sprawled across the place, you will be more than thrilled to browse through the shops, malls or pubs at every corner. At Romer, don’t forget the St. Paul’s Church that is worth a mention for its historical significance. Next, before the museums, it was the Main Tower that I planned, to get a panoramic view of the entire city. Everything, starting from fun, excitement, dining or luncheon are available within the tower. Either you can walk up to the summit or can organize events, parties, or simply dine at the tower’s restaurant. Hence, a walk down the city streets gaping at queer architectures or climbing atop a tower was more than enough for me to to take a break, after I walked past the Shopping Zeul street for a moment.

‘The Museums!’, I snapped back, irritated by the constant hassle by a fellow tourist, who wished to tour the outskirts first. Well, I have always been curious about Germany and its rather happening past, so the museums always took precedence over the others — even the nature sites — if you ask me so. The Stadel Museum was my first aim. An obvious must see Frankfurt site, the Stadel Museum — I would say — is one of the best art museums in the city. The 16th-century art and the location of the museum — at the Museum Embankment — reason enough for you to check it out on your first day itself. Don’t overlook the area. Look around and you can come across The German Film Museum and others as well.

Keep your cameras ready if you are venturing into the museums or the historical gardens. Places like Altes Bornheimer Rathaus, Ostzeile Vom Romer, Museum fur Moderne Kunst, etc are excellent places to capture the history, and spirit of the country and the city alike. Museums were almost endless: almost impossible to venture all. So, it was time for some nature fun. The Botanischer Garten Frankfurt am Main — a must see the place in Frankfurt – was the one I penetrated with much excitement to check out the variegates of nature throughout the world, brought together here. Home to more than 5000 local and exotic animal species, the garden is a rare mix of all — starting from the savannas of Africa to the forest of America. Beautiful landscapes, barren lands, and farmlands are also galore.

Diverse — ultimate diverse! When it comes to sightseeing, the city will stir a spur of excitement that is nowhere to be found except here, in every corner of Frankfurt. So come – be a part of this crazy thrill.

List of must see Frankfurt sightseeings:

  • The Romer
  • City Hall
  • The Botanischer Garten Frankfurt am Main
  • Altes Bornheimer Rathaus
  • Ostzeile Vom Romer
  • Museum fur Moderne Kunst
  • The German Film Museum
  • Stadel Museum
  • Shopping Zeul Street
  • St. Paul’s Church
  • Main Tower

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