Fast Facts

  • Location: Between Koblenz and Bingen in Germany
  • Time to Visit: Between December and March
  • Nearest Railway Station: Bahnhof Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein
  • Nearest International Airport: Frankfurt

Lay your ears close to the stark cliffs, listen quietly to the rustle of the Rhine River, and you may hear what many have heard through centuries — muffled moans of souls long past – lonely princesses, powerful barons and brave knights killed in feuds and warfare. They recount tales of bravery, treachery, love, longing, and betrayal. The Rhine Gorge in Germany is the place of legends, and legends find a place in the Rhine Gorge. No wonder that the mystic evoked by the stark landscape, medieval castles and ancient churches attract a large number of visitors every year from all parts of the world.

Rhine River Cruises
For more than 2,000 years, the legendary river of Rhine has been the leading waterway of Europe. One of the most relaxing ways to see the fascinating sights of Germany is to undertake a Rhine river cruise. The experience of cruising in the Rhine can be a wonderful way to take in the scenery. Sit back and relax on the deck of the floatel while you pass the prehistoric fortifications and medieval castles perched on hilltops and German villages famous for winemaking. During your memorable cruise through the dramatic Rhine, you can witness the mythical Loreley, visit Gutenberg’s city of Mainz and discover the history of Worms.

Things to do
You can enjoy the adventurous experience of hiking in the Rhine Gorge. The trail goes through some of the most breathtaking parts of the Rhine Gorge with cliffs several hundred meters high on both sides of the river. Hiking in the Loreley Valley with its great rocks, through the vineyard terraces and side-valleys along the riverbanks and thickly wooded mountain ridges is really an unforgettable experience.

Apart from it, you can also take pleasure in various exploratory activities like riding, mountain biking, bicycling, climbing, canoeing, angling, golfing, swimming, paragliding and so on.

Where to stay
After a fun-filled day exploring the river and gorge and listening to the fantastic tales of mermaids, shipwrecks, and pirates, you can rely on the wide range of Rhine Gorge hotels which are always ready to accommodate you according to your taste, mood, and budget.

Some of the popular hotels in the Rhine Gorge region include the Akzent Hotel Hohenstaufen, Mosel Hotel Hahn Koblenz, Top Hotel Kramer Koblenz, Hotel Weinhaus Grebel Koblenz.

Gastronomical delights
For your dining in the Rhine Gorge region, you can choose from a wide selection of vineyards, dining outlets, pubs, ice-cream parlors, and snack bars.

If you want to enjoy the romance of rapid waters, tales of robber barons and the taste of fine wine, then the perfect vacation destination for you is no other than the Rhine Gorge region. Experience the mesmerizing landscape, magnificent architecture and mammoth epic history of one of Europe’s loveliest regions.

Points of interest along the Rhine Gorge
With lofty cliffs rising above 400 feet from the river, the Rhine Gorge is fascinating and impressive. You will find the famous rock of Lorelei, a 433-foot-high slate cliff near the town of St. Goarshausen. According to a German legend, it is told that a beautiful young maiden, upset for her treacherous lover, threw herself off the cliff. The echoes that can be heard in the gorge today are said to be her voice. While there are plenty of things to see along the Rhine River, perhaps the most dramatic is the Rhine Gorge, located between Koblenz and Rudesheim and covering a distance of 65 kilometers of the River Rhine. The Upper Middle Rhine Valley or popularly known as the Rhine Gorge was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002 for its diverse but unique combination of geological, historical, cultural and industrial reasons.

You can also visit a number of medieval castles along the Rhine Gorge. In fact, there are around 40 castles and fortresses along the long stretch of 40 miles. Other places of tourist interest in the Rhine Gorge are:?

Alte Burg-? This building used to house libraries and other archives of information is a wonderful place to visit in the town of Koblenz because of its beautiful architecture.?

Electors Palace-? Built between 1771 and 1786 and decorated by Michael d’lxnard, this palace is a must see for those who want to see the grand architecture of Germany.?

Ludwig Museum-? Featuring a number of treasured German and French art, it is one of the finest museums in the town of Koblenz.?

Mittelrhein Museum-? Ideally located in the popular Florinsmark Square in the town of Koblenz, this museum represents the rich history of the town.?

Schloss Stolzenfels-?The castle, though partly destroyed by a fire in 1688, was renovated on the exact site of the old ruins in the 19th century.?

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