Fast Facts

  • Location: In Bavaria in Southern Germany
  • Attraction Type: Road journey
  • Significance: A fabulous journey through the picturesque landscape, historic towns, and enticing ski resorts
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • How to Reach: By road from Frankfurt
  • Nearest International Airport: Frankfurt International Airport

The Romantic Road in Germany unfurls the medieval charm and grandeur of a nation that is inherently cultured and insatiably creative. All along the road from Wurzburg in the north to Fussen in the south of Bavarian Germany fairytale castles, Gothic cathedrals, arched gateways, historic hotels, and half woodwork houses would keep you hypnotized. If man-made structures mesmerize you then the picturesque villages, engrossing meadows, and the scintillating Alpine slopes would have you spellbound. When visiting Germany, you must always include the Romantic Road journey in your itinerary.

This German Romantic Road was originally a trade route of the medieval period used by merchants to travel to Hungary, Romania, and Italy. Signs of medieval prosperity are still existent in their glorious forms along this German road. Each town along this route is historically significant and you must spend a couple of hours if not a couple of days in them. Romantic Road Journey

The Romantic Road journey begins in Wurzburg, a Celt habitation dating back to 7th century BC. Predominantly a wine-growing region this place is glorified by Prince Bishops Residenz Palace in Baroque architecture designed by architect Balthazar Neumann in the 18th century. This Place today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another remarkable building is the Marienberg Fortress with immaculate carvings as seen in its Mainfrankische Museum. The Marktplatz dominated by Marienkapelle Church in Gothic architecture and the Falkenhaus tourist information center in the Baroque pattern is truly majestic.

After you leave Wurzburg the road becomes fascinating as it passes between vineyards on one side and Tauber River on the other with quaint picturesque villages at regular intervals. In Weikersheim town, the Renaissance Palace and the Baroque Garden are exceptionally wonderful. This town is the best place to have your lunch accompanied by the finest wines prepared out of the local vineyards. The Karlsberg Nature Park with its habitation of deer and wild boar is an exciting destination for you and your family. As you proceed towards Rottenburg after leaving Weikersheim never misses out on the Altar of Mary in Creglingen. This immense wooden alter was created by master craftsman Tilmann Riemenschneider.

The next spectacular destination along this Romantic Road in Germany is Rothenburg. This town on the banks of River Tauber is perhaps the best-preserved of all medieval settlements. The wall surrounding this town allows you to have a panoramic glimpse of the Town Square, St. Jakob’s Church, Sieber’s Tower, and Burg Gate. The Christmas Village and Medieval Crime Museum are fine places to visit in Rottenberg.

Towards the end of the journey, you would reach Pfaffenwinkle, the ‘land of churches’. Of special attraction is the Wies Church featured by life-like impressions of Christ in ‘The Last Judgment’ and ‘the Miracle of the tears’. Incidentally, this Wies Rococo Church is an acknowledged UNESCO World Heritage site.

Your journey comes to an end at Fussen in the foothills of the Alps. Perhaps there could not have been a better finish to this stupendous route. With the Alps as its backdrop, everything about Fussen is heavenly. From castle ruins to mountain trails, and ski resorts every site is awesome. It is here that you would discover King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle, Eisenberg Castle ruins, and St. Mang Monastery. Here also you could surrender yourself to the natural luxuries of Lake Plansee, Lake Hopfensee, or Hahnenkamm Mountian Ski Resort.

At the end of this memorable Romantic Road, a journey has wholesome food at the Bleckenau Mountain Restaurant.

Romantic Road Accommodations
While traveling along the Romantic Road in Germany you could stay in the most magnificent hotels flamboyant with medieval architecture and period furniture. Hotel Wurzburger Hof in Warzburg, Hotel Gotisches Haus and Hotel Gerberhaus in Rottenburg, and Hotel Romantik Krone Inn and Berghotel Scholssanger Alp in Fussen are among the noteworthy places to put up during this journey.

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