After an extensive ramble all throughout the world, it may seem quite unfair to ignore a country like Greece — host to the Olympic games, and a nation flourished in art, history, culture, and philosophy. In fact, to overlook the must see Athens sites seems to be a benign offense for a traveler. And, why not get charmed by Athens — the capital of Greece — if you can well be stunned by the piquant views of other cities in the world. Even if you are under the Tuscany spell, or is over-excited for some Swish- magic, time to vanquish all — as what you are approaching is not just beauty, but also one-of-a-kind culture, comprising of mighty scholars, artists, warriors, and kings — countless if delved in-depth. If it is for the must see places in Athens, keep your excitements well harnessed before plunging in the esoteric world of our — very own — Greek mates. So, after much thought, I found it idealistic to pinch my brain thousand times to hammer out a list of must-visits in the city — right from the diminutive to the major ones.

What gets on your nerves is to plan a trip, but to peruse through a handful – those that manifest to a gazer’s eye with obvious charm. However, after an exhaustive study on the quaint country, I have come up with a list of tourist destinations in Athens for the short-trippers that will — hopefully — be alluring. Walk down the streets and the bylines to feel the air around, and you may at any time, come across a museum or a landmark that overtly unfolds the eventful history of the country. “ There it is, our very own Academy in Athens!”, a Greek kid from behind exclaimed, almost turning all tourists frantic for a glance of the behemoth. ‘Marvelous! Excellent! Mind-blowing!’ – adjectives flurried from all directions, as we all stood astonished by the edifice. While it was, quite obviously, the mammoth stone facades that moved all, there were also two statues mounted on stone podiums that looked bewitching for their stature and artistry. A major hub for knowledge, art, and philosophy, the Academy of Athens – a must see the place in Athens – is also a tribute to the Academy of Plato and a major landmark in the heart of the city.

Further deeper into Athens, and come across the enormous architecture of the Syntagma Square — one of the most visited and important squares throughout Europe. Just the right place for you to take a dip into the long-drawn political struggle in Greece, the Square is a must see Athens site, perfect for visitors to drop by, photograph and feel the true ethnicity of the city. Next, it is always preferable to check out the myriads of historic ruins sprinkled all over the city. Like, walk over to the Acropolis and the Cape Sounion — acclaimed must see places in Athens. If the former is one of the most renowned in the world for its ubiquitously photogenic look, exemplary art, and the neighboring sites – perfect to amble — then the later is a place where history meets nature into the best possible blend. Situated by the Aegean Sea, here at Cape Sounion, you can stroll around the beach and also bump on multiple architectural ruins and temples sprawled all over. And if the game for more travel, then there is the historic Agora — a former assembly of the classic era. A magnificent structure standing amidst stunning vistas, the structure would surely feast your eyes for its size and artistic prowess.

If the architectures aren’t enough for you to have a vacation fun or complete your research thesis on Greece, then stop-over at the heritage towns and districts. The Plaka District — a hub for culinary delights amidst ethnic aura — with its labyrinthine streets meandering all over and the Cycladic architectures, is best for a drink in the bars, penetrating the taverns or hop the shops all day. Not to miss, the National Archaeological Museum and the famed Acropolis Museum are brilliant must see Athens tourist spots to tarry day long to gape at the historical artworks.

Weary of traveling to places? Get a cab to Mount Lycabettus for a panoramic view of entire Athens and enjoy the Open Air Summer Concert. Or for more, tuck into the serene National Garden to adore the succulent lawns and the palm-fringed pathways.

Enjoy your stay!

Must see Athens sightseeings:

  • Mount Lycabettus
  • Open Air Summer Concert
  • National Garden
  • Plaka District
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Acropolis
  • Cape Sounion
  • Agora
  • Syntagma Square
  • Academy in Athens

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