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Wishing for a trip of a lifetime? Santorini, seemingly an abode of the gods — that’s what a poet would always say — is more than just a tourist spot for the history lovers or the crazy globe-trotters. Must see Santorini sites, a palpable bestow of nature, endowed with the verdures of the wineries, the vacuous sea-shores and the enthralling views highlighted by the blue sea — often interrupted by a tiny island or two — enhance the overall natural setting. Live up the experience at the island – or in the other way round – certain experiences can only be enlivened in this mesmeric island. May even seem enigmatic at times, Santorini benumbs you for its quaint villages or for the live volcano that readily boils limning nature’s vagaries in the most uncompromising way. Amidst all this, lies the unfathomable virtuosity of the island — serene and picturesque in all facets. Or, to just nullify your stress or exasperations get set for the soothing Opera music or the classical tunes to caress your ears and lull you to sleep. Or, for further enchantment, there are always the must see places in Santorini — best to be explored passionately.

But why is it that, the weary poets, the love-stricken writers, the affluent jet-setters or even the one-timer oldies and almost all find their inner solace here — at Santorini? The question stands answered when you are there — right at the bosom of the isle. So, get over the trance, the romantic soliloquy and stretch your legs for the most authentic experiences of your life. Land at the Old Harbor – commonly named as Ammoudi — and best of all, hire a mule to venture out the tantalizing pathway to Fira — a must see the place in Santorini. Experience the all-consuming creative sketches of nature, and the thrill of traversing the entwined stair-pathway directing you through tricky situations as you extend higher, nearing your destination. Next, travel up the Caldera — to the summit. Be sure to get hushed by the absolutely magical sunset and the surrounding prospects, further blossomed by the Aegean Sea as the backdrop.

Foray Vlyhada — a must see Santorini site — that creates the perfect picture of a moon landscape. One glance and I was smitten by the harmonious blend of nature’s turf and the typical suburban serenity. Absolutely stunning! Fall in love with the unusual beauty of nature and adore the white volcanic rocks here, before you are out for some party fun. Sit by the beach, sip your favored drink and laze on the white rocks — charge up your romanticism. And if more, melodious music makes it the perfect spot for a romantic date. While losing sense when exposed to such natural drapery amidst all the mysticism is obvious, the artistic embellishments on the island are not something you can miss a view. Plan a stay at Yposkafo — one of the best tourist destinations in Santorini – not only for the architectures build during ancient times to protect locals from the wind and the waves, but also for that obscure claustrophobic feeling, smelling the aroma of the sea-washed rocks or that strange excitement for being immediately so close to the Caldera.

Ask the locals about the wineries, and be sure to grab attention for your curiosity. The wineries in the city are one-of-a-kind for the fertile soil which is a resultant of the volcanic minerals. Take a walk along the twisty pathways in the wineries to come across a rare fragrance and also know about the procedure of extracting wines. And after you are all-exhausted after a tedious vagabond throughout every corner of the must see Santorini sites, get a break and savor the best chocolates, walk along and bask at the Ammoudi Beach with tiny cliffs — best to be photographed — or even drink the Maria Kallas at the Franco’s ( one of the best pubs). Foodies, give a final shot to nibble the local delicacies at some of the best restaurants or go hopping to cherish silence at the tiny villages scattered all throughout.

This is Santorini for you — a home for nature’s best art, birth-place of queer architectures and of course, the local wines.

List of must see Santorini site:

  • Ammoudi Beach
  • Maria Kallas at Franco’s
  • Wineries in Santorini
  • Yposkafo
  • Vlyhada
  • Old Harbor
  • Caldera
  • Fira
  • Oia
  • Monolithos or Vlidaha
  • Kamari and Perissa Beaches
  • Theresa
  • Akrotiri
  • Exo Gonia
  • Pyrgos

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