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Places to visit in Hungary

Hungary Map

Map of Hungary
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Places to visit in Hungary

Fast Facts

  • Location: Europe
  • Capital: Budapest
  • Currency: Forint
  • Language: Hungarian and other regional languages
  • Best time to Visit: March and September
  • Time Zone: CET
  • Calling Code: 36
  • Major Airports: Budapest Ferihegy Airport, Airport Debrecen and FlyBalaton Airport

Located in the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe, Hungary is a landlocked country which is surrounded by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. A country with rich heritage and a history that dates back to the 4th century when it became an important Roman settlement, the must see Hungary destinations are excellent destinations to discover its glories past. The country is equally blessed with excellent natural wonders and natural parks that make your entire stay a mixed experience. So if you are still on the look out for yet another holiday trip, don't forget to put the must see places in Hungary in your travel plan.


Tourist attractions in Hungary:

  • BudaPest: The typical city glamor is what you will love about Hungary. To get an actual feel of the cities and enjoy an excellent shopping experience, travel to Budapest, the capital of Hungary. One of the most happening and beautiful cities in Hungary, it is often said to be the “Paris of the East”. Situated on both sides of Danube, the city has an unique charm that makes it one of the must see Hungary tourist places. If the massive architecture of the Castle Palace seems awesome to you, then the Castle Quarter, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be an interesting venture owing to its historical ruins. The placid and picturesque environment of the Margaret Island will enchant you and the unusual landscapes of the Gellert Hill will force you to capture its beauty on your camera. Walk into the memory lanes of history by visiting museums like Hungarian National Museum and Museum of Fine Arts to discover the artistic prowess of the country.


  • Debracen: Debrecen, the third largest town in Hungary after Budapest and Miskolc. In spite of having developed into a modern industrial and college town, away from the center Debrecen has managed to retain its rural, small town atmosphere. The Great Reformed Church and the Reformed College serve as a reminder that Debrecen proudly bears the title of "Calvinist Rome", the stronghold of Protestantism in Hungary. Must see place sin Debrecen includes Central Cementry, Deri museum, Flower carnivals, Garden of Rememberance, Great Forest etc.


  • Eger: May it be the flabbergasting beauty of the Castle (var) or the renowned Parish Church of St. Anthony, Eger is one place that will leave an everlasting mark in your mind.


  • Esztergom, Pecs and Pannonhalma : If you are a first time visitor, take some time off to check out the statuesque constructions and the beautiful vistas in Esztergom, Pecs and Pannonhalma.


  • National Parks in Hungary: Though Hungary has always been one of the favorites for the history lovers and the researchers, yet the country has lots to give when it comes to natural beauty and thrill.The main national parks in Hungary are Aggtelek National Park, Bukk mountains and the Bukk National Park and Hortobagy National Park. Explore the wilderness and the long stretches of meadows in the Aggtelek National Park. Blessed with some unique flora and fauna, this national park steals tourists attention for its limestone landscapes that is cut out into deep caves and passages. Get yourself packed with warm clothes and tight shoes to trudge the arduous pathways of the Baradla cave. Next is the pristine terrains of the Bukk mountains and the flora of the Bukk National Park, a unique gift of nature that would leave you stunned and motionless. If you are still steady and wish to further explore the other must see Hungary attractions, tarry in a guest house near the Hortobagy National Park to behold the lush green grasslands populated with beautiful flowers, clumps of oak and maple trees.


  • Laid back villages like Abaujvar, Aba, Bacoka, Balaton, Ber, Besenyotelek etc are also excellent tourist destinations in Hungary to cherish the solitude and simplicity of village life.



The ideal time of visiting Hungary is between the months of March and September. Hungary experiences a continental climate with mild and pleasant summers and cold winters. Snowfall takes place in the winter season.


Air: Air travel is very popular in Hungary. The major airports are Budapest Ferihegy Airport, Airport Debrecen, and FlyBalaton Airport. The airports link the country with various parts of Europe and the world.

Train: Hungary is linked with surrounding countries like Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine by a well developed railway network.

Road: Buses link various parts of the country with each other. Cars and other transport vehicles are also easily available.

Cities in Hungary



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