Love, romance and passion — what is so ethereal about these? An ultimate bliss, most difficult to perceive when one is struck by such frenzy – if I’m guessing right. For Psychologists, it is the other way round. It’s beauty, sanctity and the empathic hug by beloveds that melts even the corporate-crazy gigs. But for travelers like us: it is art, nature and the ethnic semblance that prickles our over-sentient emotions, quite obliviously. So are with the must-see places in Budapest – the capital of Hungary, that conjured your heart instantly at the very first glance. And while rolling eyes over piquant vistas draped with the scintillating Danube water — cutting through the major hubs of the city – feel your adrenaline gush through veins after you stop for a second gaze at the behemoth architectures and the artistic sleight freckled over the city-scape. Or, if it is fine arts, then the must-see Budapest sites sure deserves a whirl. Sprawled with more than a handful of art centers, opt a walk through the myriads of art collections to gape at intricate Hungarian artistry and adore the neo-classical demeanor of the museum edifices. Best of all, the profound mingling of nature’s bestows and the man-made art masterpieces amidst all the heritage, amiable crowd and the fulgent market lights, tempts you to subsequently drown in the overall dramatic setting.

So, for those clouded by the glitter of the hip markets or are unsure of a trip to Europe, time to probe into your travelogues or check your bank savings before planning for a hop amidst the must-see places in Budapest. Ask me why Budapest, and I can furnish you with more than ten reasons for the same. Resplendent with UNESCO art veneers all over, the radiant yet ethnic comeliness of the city is inimitable. For instance, the stunning neo-classical statue of Saint Stephan’s Basilica is a charming specimen of the artistic adroitness of the Hungarians. The lofty facades and the imposing dome flanked by towers on both sides, indeed make it a benchmark for modern architectures worldwide. Further, the historical eminence and the glory — evident from the interior collections that stores the remains of the first King of Hungary – well defines the overall dignity and heritage of the church. And, for the enthusiastic ones or for those with a deep-rooted inclination towards photography can always walk up the stairs to the church dome for a panoramic view of the entire city. Likewise, the Hungarian State Opera House — yet another acclaimed landmark in the city — has come up as quite an interesting must-see tourist attraction in Hungary for the acoustics as well as major associations from well-known personalities like Gustav Mehler to the local Hungary child – Franz Liszt. So, plan a visit to enjoy the variegates of cultural and musical concerts conducted here.

Among others, you’ll get spellbound by the beautiful arch-brilliance of the Palace of Art, one of the most glamorous and vibrant attractions – quite obviously, a must-see Budapest site. The gigantic gate supported by statuesque pillars — meticulously adorned with intricate artworks – and the golden-colored walls though dazzles in the sun, at dusk is elegantly lit up by street lamps and the gleaming interior lights. For the day trips, the laudable architecture of the Buda Castle is worth a visit. The massive dome over stalwart facades and firm poles will surely leave you gasping for hours. And if you are keeping half a day for this, then penetrate every interior to check out everything from halls, artworks as well as museums. Or, if curious about Jewish culture, then The Great Synagogue — with museums, cemetery and the famed Raul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park — is the best to explore. Further, the great Parliament of Hungary — a Gothic Revival Edifice— is also best to gaze at for its enormous architecture that stretches for acres along the shores of Danube.

Finally, for the museums, you can always hop at a number of locations around the city. The famed Museum of Fine arts, the Museum of Applied Arts or the famous National Museums – a must-see Budapest – are excellent if you are wishful to amble around the salubrious environment around them or check out the interiors.

Hungary- indeed a tourist’s dreamland — is a harmonious blend of history and modernism. Not a worthy miss for any avid traveler.

List must-see places in Budapest:

  • Saint Stephan’s Basilica
  • Hungarian State Opera House
  • Palace of Art
  • Buda Castle
  • Buda Castle
  • Raul Wallenberg Holocaust Memorial Park
  • Danube
  • The Great Synagogue
  • National Museum
  • Museum of Fine arts,
  • Museum of Applied Arts
  • Bauhaus Architecture

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