Fast Facts

  • Location: In the Irish Sea equidistant from England and Ireland, approximately 16 miles from the southernmost point of Scotland
  • Attraction Type: Historic island
  • Significance: An island having a history of 10,000 years
  • Best Time to Visit: April to October
  • How to Reach: Fly to Ronaldsway Airport and thereafter by road or rail throughout Isle of Man
  • Nearest International Airport: Ronaldsway Airport

Isle of Man between Ireland and Britain mainland is an outstanding place of beauty and heritage. The variety in the Isle of Man from rock climbing to journey in steam engine drove trains to cycle down vibrant green meadows resembles a visit to dreamland. The attractions of Isle of Man ranging from settlement and castles of the Vikings and Celtics to the countryside glens and gentle hill slopes, or Manx history are too difficult to resist for any enthusiastic traveler.

The best way to get acquainted with the Isle of Man is to follow the ‘Story of Mann’ based on this island’s history, culture and heritage.

Tour of Mann

Begin your tour of Man from Douglas, the capital city of Isle of Man. At the Manx Museum, you would discover Manx heritage over the last 10,000 years. From Douglas travel in a south-westerly direction to Ballasalla the site of Rushen Abbey and its adjoining archaeological ruins. In the Rushen, Abbey grounds savor the cream and strawberries. The Castle Rushen nearby is the best example of a medieval castle. You would be stunned to note that a one-handed clock presented by Queen Elizabeth I in 1597 is still working.

Continue your tour with a visit to the Old Grammar School in Castletown. This one-roomed chapel started functioning in the 13th century and later became a church and a school Another important building which you must visit in Castletown is the ‘Old House of Keys’ which started off as a social club and later became the ‘House of 24 members’. At Castlewood, never miss the Nautical Museum and its most significant exhibit, the ‘Peggy’ yacht. Built by George Quayle towards the end of the 18th century, this yacht participated in Lake Windermere Regatta in 1796. It remained locked in a boathouse till 1935.

Your next destination in the Isle of Man would be Niarbyl on the western coast near Dalby village. Niarbyl or Yn Arbyl forms the tail of a reef that extends unto the shore. From Niarbyl proceed to Cregneash, a quaint village near Port Erin in the southwestern corner of the island. Discover the traditional lifestyle of the farmers and villagers who go back to medieval times. Cattle roaming free in the meadows, old fashioned cottages, horse-drawn carriages create an everlasting picture of the perfect village.

Continue your Isle of Man visit to Peel on the western coast. At the House of Manannan explore the collection belonging to Viking and Celtic tribes. A replica of the Norse longship is particularly remarkable. The Peel Castle is a veritable wealth of the history of Isle of Man. St. Patrick’s Isle, the location of Peel Castle, is famous for being the first place in the Isle of Man to adopt Christianity. The ruins of this Isle date back to 1000 AD.

Ramsey on the northeastern coast of this island would take you back to the Victorian era. Grove House built around the middle of the 19th century and owned by a certain Duncan Gibb is an outstanding representation of Victorian architecture. Plows, carts, farming implements all belonging to that period would amaze you.

Accommodation and Dining

In Isle of Man, you could opt from luxury hotels, comfort hotels, and economy hotels for putting up. Hilton Hotel, the Town House and Glen Mona in Douglas, Glen Helen Hill Inn in St. Johns, and Mount Murray Hotel & Country Club in Santon are among the luxury accommodations in the Isle of Man. For a comfortable stay select among Admiral House Hotel, the Empress Hotel and All Seasons in Douglas, and Falcon Nest Hotel in Port Erin.

Restaurants in Isle of Man would not fail to satisfy your culinary desires. Garrison in Castletown is an eclectic restaurant serving international cuisine. Bank Coffee House, also in Castletown, is famous for its authentic local recipes. If you love liquors, spend an evening in Sir Normal Wisdom Bar in Sefton Hotel in Douglas. For authentic Italian delights try out Paparazzi in Douglas, while for Chinese delicacies walk into Dynasty.

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