Is your life getting over-monotonous? Or, are the over-burdened responsibilities taking its toll over you? For, if you are badly stressed out, or are raring for a break from the impending work fatigue, then a week-long trip is the need of the hour. That’s what your family doctor would always consult! And if anyone of you planning for Dublin is still in darkness – as to what to visit and when or how – then this short guide on must-see Dublin tourist spots, will surely brush you through the entire city. For the downhearted, there are quite a number of places you can browse over to distract your mind from the dreary experiences in the past. And the stressed lot, tired of the daily professional tussles or the continuous brain-storming, can always cherish solace by lounging amidst lush green meadows, gaping at freebie wildlife, or admire the works – at museums and galleries – of the artists of the yesteryears. Not to miss, for the kids, there are galore of entertainment scopes, educational opportunities and must-see places in Dublin to plunge into.

During my visit – almost 3 months back — the artistic enchantments did leave an indelible mark in me. So much so, even today I can give you more than fifty reasons to visit the city. Dublin — the capital city of Ireland – is unparalleled for its historic events and the inviting vistas. So to start, pack your bags for extensive vagabonding all throughout the city to check out the must-see Dublin sights. First, it is the Trinity College and Library, the most eminent site that makes the city well-known in the world education fraternity. Situated right at the heart of the city, the library even today is known for the unprecedented grandeur it portrays. For further landmarks, there is, of course, the unforgettable O’Connell Street and the General Post Office. The street, other than just its boundless pulse, is a central hub of Irish history and stores testimonies of the fallen heroes. The busy street nestled amidst ethnic houses and adorned with historic statues is one of the most popular and widest urban streets in the country.

More so, the statuesque St. Patrick’s Cathedral — an inevitable must-see place in Dublin – is known for the unusual history it unveils, and for its rarely-seen neo-Gothic architecture. Spend more than an hour or two here, check out every facade and don’t forget to carry your camera along. Absolute stunner! – the Dublin Castle – not only for its archi- mastery but for displaying the immense hard work and toil of the local artists who rebuilt most parts of the edifice. While only the imposing decor of the tower looks medieval, all other portions are reconstructed in the modern style. For the tourists, the succulent gardens, beautiful pathways, and the Irish aura are worth admiring.

Get charged! Time for some fun, excitement, and merrymaking. Take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse – a must-see Dublin tourist spot – to gape at the never-before-seen brewing procedure, to saunter around the nearby places in St.James Gate, or enjoy a heady feeling sipping the best drink at the Gravity-bar at Dublin’s rooftop — enjoy a free pint as well. If mirth with obscure headiness is not enough to quench your thirst for more excitement, then at the Kalimaunham Goal — one of the most notorious prisons in Ireland – gawk at the gloomy side of the city, often eluded by trotters. But, indeed is one of the must place to see in Dublin. Don’t forget, cause the myriads of brilliant art collections in museums still awaits you. First, the two national museums, namely, National Museum of Archeology and History, and the National Museum of Decorative Arts and History in Collins Barracks are must-visits for their eclectic portrayals on the glory of Ireland in history and today. Don’t get deterred yet, but step at every corner of the city unless you drop by the Phoenix Park, the largest municipal park and the residence of the Irish President and the Ambassador of United States. Other places like the National Gallery – a storehouse of European and Irish art, the Papal Cross near Phoenix Park, and the bohemian spirit of the Temple Bar are also must-sees for all going to Ireland.

So, come winter – best drop by Dublin: adore the endless meadows freckled with ice flakes. The excellent view must watch!

List of must see Dublin sightseeings:

  • Trinity College and Library
  • O’Connell Street and the General Post Office
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Dublin Castle
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Gravity-bar
  • Kilmainham Goal
  • National Museum of Archeology and History
  • National Museum of Decorative Arts and History in Collins Barracks
  • Phoenix Park
  • National Gallery
  • Papal Cross
  • Temple Bar
  • South Wall and Poolbeg Lighthouse
  • Blessington Street Basin
  • Sword’s Castle
  • Royal Canal Way
  • Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church
  • Mount Jerome Cemetery
  • Glasnevin Cemetery

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