Fast Facts

  • Location: In Tyrrhenian Sea north of Sicily
  • Attraction type: Islands
  • Significance: Natural sulfur pool having medicinal properties
  • Best Time to visit: April to September
  • How to Reach: By flight to Naples of Palermo and then by boat
  • Nearest Airport: Palermo, Naples

Aeolian Islands, which was once a haunt of Roman gods and goddesses, is now a vibrant tourist destination with a throbbing nightlife and an exuberant day time. With the Stromboli volcano as the backdrop and the sparkling blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea surrounding it, Italian Aeolian Island attracts the wealthiest businessmen, most acclaimed fashion designers, the just married, the families, and the most enthusiastic travelers from all parts of the world. It was in these Aeolian Islands that film director Roberto Rosselini met Ingrid Bergman and thereafter made a film ‘Stromboli’ featuring her. The magma emissions from Stromboli attract visitors particularly in the evening. The Gran Cratere volcano offers enchanting view of the entire territory and has superlative mud bathing facility. Though magma emissions are uncommon, sulphurous gases are emitted intermittently much to the delight of travelers. These sulfur vapors are also seen issuing from fissures of pavements and rock faces. Local inhabitants have dug out a hollow in the volcanic clay to make mud pools having therapeutic qualities. The mud pool forms a natural Jacuzzi in the midst of Mediterranean.

Aeolian Islands Activities

The Volcano peak is a thrilling climb for enthusiasts. Along the climb you would notice sulfur crystal deposits in the fissures and vents which at times can be harmful. Panarea is marvelous with its green hill slopes and craggy hills. The houses featured by wide arches and thick columns constitute a visual delight. The shore, though uneven, has a number of water inlets that allow for safe swimming. A boat ride in the waters around Panarea is a motivational exercise.

Salina is another lovely place to explore. Its stone beaches, Lingua Museum, Pollara rocks, and simple clean food served in the eateries make Salina a favorite destination among the Aeolian Islands.

Hotels and Restaurants in Aeolian Islands

Most of the accommodations in Aeolian Islands face the sparkling waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Hotel Cincotta, and Hotel Raya in Panarea, Hotel Giardino Sul Mare in Lipari, Capofaro Malvasia & Resort in Salina, La Sirenetta Park Hotel in Stromboli, and Hotel La Canna in Filicudi are among the notable places to put up during your stay in Italy Aeolian Islands.

Epicureans can satisfy themselves with the most delectable cuisines from Italy and other parts of the world in the eateries of this island group. Ristorante Invidia is famous for its fish preparations and spaghetti, while Ristorante Filippino serves exotic local delicacies. Trattoria Maniaci Pino, Ristorante Portobello, and Bar Da Alfredo are the other renowned restaurants awaiting you.

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