Fast Facts

  • Location: On the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Italy
  • Time to visit: Between May and October
  • How to reach: The nearest airport to Amalfi Coast is Capodichino Airport in Naples. From Naples you will get various options- may drive, take the train to Salerno or ride the bus service which joins all the towns in the province.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Salerno Train Station
  • Nearest International Airport: Naples Capodichino Airport

One of the unique products that make Amalfi Coast well-known in the world is Limoncello – a sweet liqueur prepared by infusing the Amalfitan lemon peel in alcohol and sugar. Amalfi Coast, stretching from the city of Positano in the west to the city of Vietri Sul Mare in the east, is bestowed with incomparable scenic beauty and natural heritage. The region is dotted by numerous distinguished cities like Amalfi, Cetara, Maiori, Scala, Minori, Tramonti, Positano, Ravello, Furore, Conca dei Marini and Vietri sul mare, which wonderfully showcase the architectural masterpieces of the Middle Age. The Costiera Amalfitana as called in Italian truly reflects the brilliant essence of the Mediterranean Landscape

The history of the Amalfi Coast, Italy can be traced back to the ancient days when the Roman aristocracies constructed villas on the valley of the coast. The significance of the villas got ruined with the fall of the Roman Empire. The ruins may be found in towns like Tramonti, Ravello, Minori, etc.

What to see

Nestled between the green Valle dei Mulini and the blue Gulf of Salerno, Amalfi is threaded with Moorish rambling passages that suggest the Oriental caravansary of romance, testimony to the city’s Norman and Arab-Sicilian past. A great medieval maritime republic, the city’s former glory is best seen in its fantastic cathedral. The transportation hub of the coast, Amalfi’s waterfront Piazza Flavio Gioia serves as the terminus for SITA’s major bus routes.

Some of the places to watch out for in Amalfi Coast are Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone in the town of Ravello, the fiord of Furore in the town of Furore, natural reserve of the “Ferriere”, the Santa Maria Assunta Church in the town of Positano, the Cathedral of Amalfi, Li Galli’s Isles, the “Chiostro Paradiso” in the town of Amalfi, the castle of San Nicola de Thoro-Plano in the town of Maiori, the “Grotta dello Smeraldo”.

Apart from all these attractions, the Amalfi Coast boasts of several museums for the tourists to get acquainted with the historical glories of the place. Some of the most popular is La villa Romana (Minori), Museo Della Carta (Amalfi), Museo Della Ceramica (Vietri sul mare), Museo delle Antichita (Ravello), Museo della Collegiata (Maiori).

What to do

The coast of Amalfi is well-known for its scenic beaches. You must go for a trip to the nearby villages of Minori and Maiori for some larger beaches that are lined with restaurants and cafes. Apart from sightseeing, there are plenty of other things to do in Amalfi Coast. Whether you want to relax, swim, surf or enjoy any kind of activities like boating, camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, snorkeling or scuba diving, there is something for any activity.

Dine and wine

This is a once in a lifetime chance to savor some of the most delicious and authentic food on the planet, and the food is unquestionably the number one reason why people travel to Amalfi Coast. Seafood like Spaghetti alle vongole, mussels, squid, octopus and countless native fish dominates most of the recipes of Amalfi.

Where to stay

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular vacation destinations and you will find numerous charming and romantic hotels along the coast.

Visit the paradise of Amalfi Coast with its majestic cliffs and a gem-blue sea.

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