Fast Facts

  • Location: North of Treviso in North Italy
  • Attraction type: Historic Town
  • Significance: Hilltop town dating back to 15th century
  • Best Time to visit: May to September
  • How to Reach: By road from Treviso
  • Nearest Airport: Treviso Airport

Asolo was a settlement of Veniti dating back to pre-Roman period. With its unusual history and a glorious past, this enchanting place was the residence of English poet Robert Browning, explorer Freya Stark, and actress Eleonora Duse. Towards the end of the 15th century Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus was offered the symbolic dominion of Asolo town in exchange for her renunciation of Cyprus.

The historic heritage of Asolo in Italy is testified by imposing castles, impressive buildings, and a Roman aqueduct. All important buildings were constructed around Plazza Garibaldi, at the centre of which exists a fountain of the Roman times. Queen Cornaro’s Castle is the most dominating building in this area. The Cathedral is a marvelous construction of the 18th century and contains a masterpiece by artist Lorenzo Lotto painted in 1506. Near the Cathedral you would notice the ‘Loggia della Ragione’, hotbed of political activities, now converted to City Museum.

Asolo Activities

The best way to explore Asolo town is on foot or on a bicycle. After visiting the castle, head for Villa Freya — the abode of the Stark Family in Asolo. The centuries old buildings with their aesthetic appearance on either side of the streets would take you back a couple of historic eras. The Casa Della Duse, and the Casa Longobarda are among the most fabulous buildings. The Church of Saint Anna is another elegant structure in Asolo.

Staying in Asolo

While touring Asolo, you might put up in Hotel Duse, Girasole Hotel, Hotel Villa Cipriani, or in Borgo D’Asolo farmhouse. Each of these accommodations has arrangement for splendid and wholesome food varieties. Apart from these, Ristorante Alla Torre, built among the ruins of Ezzelini Castle, as well as Ca Derton da Nino serve delectable traditional Italian dishes.

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