Fast Facts

  • Location: In west of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy
  • Attraction type: Lake Islands
  • Significance: Exotic 18th century palace, villas and garden
  • Best Time to visit: May to September
  • How to Reach: By boat from Baveno
  • Nearest Airport: Milan Malpensa Airport

Borromean Islands is a group of three alluring islands perfect for a peaceful and wondrous vacation. Spread out in Lake Maggiore in North Italy, this group of three islands, Isola Superiore, Isola Bella, and Isola Madre create a tempting combination of luxuriant foliage, luxurious villas, and opulent Baroque palaces. The ambiance created by the subtropical vegetation, clear waters of Maggiore Lake and indulgent accommodation make Borromean Islands of Italy among the most charming honeymoon and vacation destinations.

These Borromean Islands were developed by the Borromeo family, well known for their wealth and prosperity. Isola Madre, the largest among the three islands located in the north eastern side of this group, has a well laid out garden and an impressive chateau. The Isola Superiore, also known as Isola Pescatori, is famous as a fishing village. The transformation of Isola Bella was the most dramatic. From a desolate rocky island, it is now the location of the imperious Baroque Palazzo, built by Vitaliano Borromeo in the 17th century. The gardens surrounding this Palazzo are exquisitely landscaped and add a separate dimension to the entire setting.

A peculiar feature of the Baroque Palazzo is the pattern of interlinked rings displayed on flower pots, gates, entrance and the walls. In all these patterns, three rings are shown interlinked in different ways. Some of these interlinking patterns are impossible to be formed using three rings, but could only be achieved by bending wires. Inside the palace you would discover paintings by Flemish tapestries and Lombard artists. The largest of the three islands, Isola Madre is also famous for its gardens which are being maintained by since 1820s. Palm trees, lemon groves, and climbers along the walls of villas create an invigorating environment. The villas are elegantly furnished and have Italian masterpieces and paintings adorning their walls.

Activities in Borromean Islands

Lake Maggiore, surrounding Borromean Islands, is an encouraging destination for wind surfing, water skiing, sailing, and swimming. In the islands hand-gliding, hiking, and cycling are popular sporting activities. The Borromean Islands is an exotic destination for marriages as well.

Staying in Borromean Islands

For visiting Borromean Islands you could stay in Lido Palace Hotel in Boveno.

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