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Must see Milan

If it is Milan trip for this vacation hovering around your mind, then kudos — you are going right! Now, be sure to know that Milan is not one of those pretty looking cities you may get smitten by or plan for multiple trips in future to cherish nature or serene suburbs. The must see Milan sites largely comprises of historical sightseeings and of course, the galore of shops and pub glitters crammed in busy market places. The city was almost devastated during the World War II and was rebuilt again — and have today become one of the economically most advanced and commercially affluent cities in Italy. For the shop alcoholics and the frantic fun-lovers, the must see places in Milan are favored options to drop in. And not to forget, the vibrant nightlife that dazzles with celeb glitz is not only a favorite spot for the paparazzi to come sniffing for scoops, but are also excellent destination for tourists to have a night long party fun. If the pubs are gushing with alcohol even amidst the night's gloom, then the groovy discotheques are often adorned with pretty looking models and stars, who come to get a break from their busy schedule.

However, before you are all-plunged into the worldly pleasures of the city, it is always better to check out some of the major historical artworks available here. Start with the Doumo - one of the largest churches in the world and a must see Milan tourist spot. If it is only size you are getting impressed with, then be sure to come across the bounteous statues and marble spires that adorns the entire exterior of the site. Very much in contrast to its beautiful and artistic semblance, you will be thrilled to venture into the gloomy interiors or go round the facade of the church to the entrance of the church and climb up to the terrace. Once there, you can come across the best Alps range view — one of the most picturesque views from Milan. Next, feast your eyes with the religious places in the city. The Sant'Ambrogia Church consecrated by the Bishop Ambrogia is a beautiful example of Romanic architecture and is an emblem of religiousness.

For more art, there are endless landmarks, museums as well as historic buildings sprawled all over the city. To start with, the Castello Sforzescom - an ancient fortress in the city - is a must see place in Milan, not for its indelible architectural mastery but for the unique mix of natural vistas and historical edifices. Here, you can either saunter around the placid lakes, the tiny ethnic bridges, and cherish the succulent environment of the wide meadows, or can even gape at the unparalleled artistic adroitness of the art collections in the museums within the premises of the fort. Next, the Pinacoteca de Brera is one of those galleries that was set-up by Napoleon, and stores exquisite artworks of famous artists from the 14th to the 20th century. Walk further, and there's the interesting art collections at the Museum of Science and Technology — nestled amidst an old monastery — perfect for kids to enjoy recent scientific developments and know more about computers or astronomy. Other museums like the Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea or the 12th century paintings at the Museo dell Occocento are must sees. While it becomes difficult to check out all the historic tourist destinations in Milan, you can always chalk out a plan to visit La Scala or the famed Villa Reale.

Finally - if I'm not missing - the Golden Quardrange, a must see Milan site, is the best place to enjoy fashion fiesta. A hub of fashion and celeb glitterati, the place is the center for great designers who have their fashion stores here. One of the poshest area in the city, don't forget this extravagant location. If not bye anything, everyone must drop by here to check the recent buzz in the fashion world or even feel the vibe of the city.

List of must see Milan sightseeings:
  • Golden Quardrange
  • Museo dell Occocento
  • Villa Reale
  • Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea
  • Museum of Science and Technology
  • Pinacoteca de Brera
  • Castello Sforzescom
  • Sant'Ambrogia Church
  • Doumo Church
  • La Scala

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