For the history lovers, here’s some excitement to enjoy your vacation amidst Renaissance architecture in Florence. If you ever happen to travel to the must-see Florence sites in Italy, be sure to check out all the architectural prodigies sprinkles all throughout the city. For an avid traveler, the city will be a thrilling proposition to venture out, if interested to step back in time and acquire bits about the eventful saga of the city and the country alike. In fact, you can very well come across an array of impressive architectures, if you stroll across the by-lanes of the city or even cross over major city centers. What is most admirable is the rigorous effort of the city government to restore every detail of Italy’s rich culture and heritage. By must-see places in Florence, you actually cater to a vast plethora of sites, which practically are impossible to venture on your short weekend trip or even week-long trips. So for vacation planners, it is almost mandatory to sort out a priority list including the major sites in the city.

For frequent travelers, while it may seem to be like any other trip, but as for Florence, the travel can get pretty difficult to plan out for the presence of endless souvenirs from history — all deserving must see Florence sites — from the diminutive to the major one. And, the head stirring glitter of the market places amidst all the superfluous architectures, the picturesque cityscape, and the ethnic setting, form the perfect blend of modernity and history. While you hardly find a natural attraction or wildlife sanctuary in the city – else you are game for some long six-hour drive to Chianti or further to Dorgan or Sardinia — you always have an option to penetrate into historical/heritage sites. To start with the famous ones, the Campanile — commonly named Bell Tower — is one of the highest towers in the city with over 400 stairs that takes you to the summit and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. If the tiring 400 stairs climb has drained you, then give in to some calm strolling along the city lanes looking at the social ambiance all around. However, some can even venture out the Pizza Della Signoria — one of the oldest Square and a must place to see in Florence — that withholds a history of over 100 years. You will love the place, not only for its quaintness amidst heritage but for the spellbinding collection of 14th-century statures including the Loggia dei Lanza and the Neptune Fountain.

Art and architectures are at its ultimate best in Florence. May it be the statuesque churches – that often seem to surpass the grandeur of skyscrapers of some of the major cities in the world – or the museum buildings that lit up even the darkest corners of the city, are obvious must-see places in Florence for you. For instance, the stunning semblance of the Santa Croce that houses artworks of Michelangelo, Galileo Galilei, Niccolo Machiavelli, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Dante Alighieri, etc, and the still-active Anfiteatro Romano — as old as of 1st century B.C — are an excellent place to check out. Next, the Palazzo Vecchio, situated along a placid lake cut by artistic bridges is also the City Hall of Florence.

Likewise, even Bargello is a must-see for being the main office of the district magistrate and a prison in the past. Further, the site today has become a major tourist spot for storing myriads of artworks by Michelangelo, Donatello, and Cellini. The Galleria Delgi Uffizu would be an interesting foray for you to know more about Renaissance art, the history of Florence and many more.

Now, those with a heart of fun and mirth can vagabond further to the must-see Florence sites before winding up all. Walk past the Mercado Centrale to feel the true vibe of the city, the lifestyle of the city folks as well as the quintessential Italian Culture on display. And if nearing trip ending, then time to lazy around the tranquil surroundings and the succulent green lawns of the Lecascene, or gape at the Piazzaletto dell’ Indiano — a moving monument dedicated to the Marajah of Kolepoor Raharam Cuttraputti.

List of must see Florence sightseeings:

  • Lecascene
  • Piazzaletto dell’Indiano
  • Mercado Centrale
  • The Galleria Delgi Uffizu
  • Bergello
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Santa Croce
  • Anfiteatro Romano
  • Piezza Della Signorua
  • Loggia dei Lanzu
  • Neptune Fountain
  • Campanile
  • Forte De Belvedere

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