Say ‘Merchant of Venice’ — the acclaimed Shakespearean drama – or the very latest ‘The Venetian Mask’ by Rosalind Laker, both are novels you might love to read a thousand times if you have just been a part of the pristine must see Venice sites. A romantic gondola ride through snaking water canals — with artistically made over bridges – that takes you through every corner of the city, or the behemoth architectures amidst encompassing sea waters, and the overall ethnic tint splashed all throughout the city, create the palpable Venetian milieu. And amidst this queer tussle of nature’s bestows and the architectural endowments, lies the true color of Venetian Culture — very distinct from the Italians. While the traditional Venetian cuisine may smack your tongue and push you to give in to expensive dining or luncheons, the arched gateways of the floating houses and the photographic options at every corner of the city will be alluring as well. For the must-see places in Venice, options are galore for you. Just walk past the lanes, gape at the ethnic graffiti all around, and – not to miss — watch the blue sea from some corner of the city.

But why is it always Venice and not other islands all throughout the world that sparkle your eyes and commands your dreams? Explore the city, and know for yourself the enticing charisma it withholds. And, if the uber-cool glitters and the exciting amusement parks or natural turfs of the world are collectively not charming enough to surpass the awesomeness of this city, then the must-see places in Venice indeed deserves a knock by every tourist. For those who are burned out at work, and wish a break from the plight, can always sojourn at Venice during weekends. Though often weeks seem too short to traverse everything in the city, yet a two days tarry can be pretty relaxing and fun for all. To start with, it would always be the Gondola ride with a Gondolier (Foresman) guiding you through every canal of the city. Lazy at the boat chair, enjoy the picturesque prospects and the looming buildings on both sides of the canal. While there are various courses to take a ride, it is always advisable to stick on to the standard one, as the foray is quite an expensive one for any tourist.

On for some masquerade feeling? Ride your Gondola and get to the Realto Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the city. Apart from the architectural grandeur it boasts of, you can always drop by the bylines and avail the best deals on leather stuff and ethnic Venetian Masks. More so, it has indeed won over as a must see Venice tourist spot for the enthralling city view from the top. Lazy along the bridge, shoot your favorite photos of the city, the Portico and the Grand Canal below it. For the passionate travelers, the romantic photographers and the over-excited tourists, the Piazza San Marco is the best place to venture out. A center-point landmark for all, the location seems to further blossom for the ethnic treat, the heritage touch and the majestic architectures. Flanked by the San Marco Basilica, the Doge’s Palace and the Basilicas Campanile — your must see tourist attractions in Venice — the site, one of the most vibrant places to ply, is also the center for various festivals.

If your thrill to travel to the other places in the city is taking its toll over you, then move to the traditional islands of Murano and Burano, known for some of the best glasses all throughout the world. Other than walking through the pulsating market places crammed with restaurants and art displays, here at these islands you can always avail renowned glasses like Venini, Berovier, and Toso, Pauli, etc. Before winding up the tour, best plan a visit to the art museums. While there are too many to visit at a short trip, the Galleria Del’ Academia is one of the must-see Venice attractions you can always enjoy for the wide plethora of artifacts stored. Spread out over three buildings, this 24 room museum is a primary attraction in Venice and can be pretty crowded during tourist seasons.

So, wait for none if running out of companions. Foray alone – cherish the sublime beauty and heritage of Venice.

List of must see Venice sightseeings:

  • Galleria Del’ Academia
  • Murano and Burano Islands
  • San Marco Basilica
  • Doge’s Palace
  • Basilicas Campanile
  • Piazza San Marco
  • Grand Canal
  • Realto Bridge
  • Gondola ride
  • Bell Tower
  • San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Ponte Della Paglia
  • Bridge of Sighs

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