Fast Facts

  • Location: North western coast of Sicily bordering Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Attraction type: Historical place
  • Significance: Has survived for the last 2700 years and adapted to Greek, Roman, Nordic, Arabic, Spanish, and German cultures
  • Best Time to Visit: All through the year
  • Visiting Hours: Daytime and evening
  • How to Reach: By air; alternatively by Trenitalia, Italian national railway; also by Eurolines bus service from all over Europe; by car along A18, A20, A3 Motorways
  • Nearest International Airport: Palermo International Airport

Palermo a city of over 2700 years is the capital of Sicily an autonomous region of Italy. Located on the north western coast of Sicily bordering Tyrrhenian Sea, Palermo in Italy was founded by the Phoenicians in 7th century BCE and evolved to become an important port of ancient Mediterranean. Palermo in Sicily, because of its rich history and cultural heritage has been aptly described by Wolfgang Goethe as ‘an unutterably beautiful land’. Tourists flock to Palermo city not only for its heritage and sea coast but also for its exceptional vegetable, fruit, and fish markets.


Palermo though established by Phoenicians derives its name from ‘panormus’ meaning port. This Sicilian city reached its glory during the ancient Greek period which was retained during Roman civilization. Thereafter the city was captured by the Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, the Savoias, Austrians, and the Bourbons in succession. Ultimately in 1860, Garibaldi made Sicily an integral part of Italy.

The rich history of Palermo is reflected by its historical monuments like the Cathedral and the Chiesa of St. Giovanni degli Eterniti constructed by the Normans. Church of the Dwelling (Chiesa del Magione), Church of St. Maria of the Admiral (Chiesa di St. Maria dell’Ammiragliato are classical examples of Romanesque architecture. Other remarkable edifices are Palazzo Abatellis of Gothic-Catalan architecture, and the Massimo Theater representing neo-classical form.


Palermo in Sicily has not only successfully survived since ancient times but also adapted itself to the multiple cultural invasions. It has been a source of inspiration to litterateurs, composers and artists. Dante, Petrarca, D’Annunzio, and Goethe have all been motivated by this Sicilian port city.


Begin touring Sicily by visiting the landmark buildings. Among the palaces, Palazzo dei Normanni, Palazzo Abatellis, and Palazzo Chiaramonte are famous. Santa Maria della Garcia, San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi, and San Giuseppe dei Teatini are among the historic churches which you must never miss. Among the other structures visit Quattro Canti an ancient square, and Piazza Pretoria a medieval period fountain.

Palermo is an important venue for motor racing. This city hosted the initial stage of Giro d’Italia motor racing in 2008. It regularly hosts Internazionali Femminili di Palermo Women’s Tennis Association Tier IV tournament. U.S. Citta di Palermo is the home soccer team playing in UEFA Cup — Series A.

Watch a performance of ‘vastasata’, a traditional form of street theater still very popular. ‘Teatro dei Pupi’, or puppet theater also is an ancient form of entertainment which would catch your fancy.

Accommodation and Dining

The welcoming climate throughout the year attracts travelers to this historic Italian city during all twelve months. You could select an accommodation of your choice while visiting this city. Grand Hotel Delle Palms, Grand Excelsior Palace, and Grand Hotel Villa Igea are the deluxe hotels to select from. For a comfortable stay you could make a choice from amongst San Paolo Palace Hotel, Jolly Hotel del Foro Italico, and Astoria Palace Hotel.

Palermo in Sicily is famous for its delicious ‘spaghetti alle vongole’- a seafood specialty, ‘ricci’, and cassata. Dine at La Barcaccia, Al Gabbiano, or L’Ancora for delectable seafood recipes. Casa del Brodo, Al Pagliaio, and Macco serve authentic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

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