Fast Facts

  • Location: Italy
  • Attraction Type: Natural
  • Best Time to Visit: All over the year
  • How to Reach: Sorrento can be easily reached to and from the cities of Naples and Pompeii. The Circumvesuviana rail line passes through the city. Road transport is also well developed.
  • Nearest International Airport: Rome International Airport

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Sorrento, Italy is visited by thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. Situated at the backdrop of the Bay of Naples, the picturesque town of Sorrento is an ideal holiday retreat if you wish to spend time amidst beautiful natural surroundings far from the mundane activities of life.


Sorrento in Italy has a rugged landscape and is surrounded by extensive Lime Stone Mountain ranges. The place was famous for its scenic beauty even in ancient times and used to be a favorite holiday destination for Roman royals and aristocrats. In addition to being a popular tourist spot, Sorrento is also well known for the production of limoncello. It is an alcoholic beverage that is made from lemon, sugar, and water. The place also has a well-developed wood industry.


There are lots of tourist attractions in Sorrento, Italy which has to make it a booming tourist destination. Spread at the backdrop of the lovely Bay of Naples, the town is also home to a number of ancient Roman relics and specimens. Sightseeing is one of the chief attractions in the city.

Things to do

You can make sightseeing trips to the various tourist attractions in Sorrento. These trips will help you get a feel of the rich tradition and culture and the scenic beauty of the place. The beaches in Sorrento, Italy is famous for watching sunrise and sunset over the lovely Bay of Naples. The beaches are also known for providing opportunities for a wide range of water sports and leisure activities like sailing, diving, kayaking and so on.


There are plenty of hotels, resorts, lodges and guest houses in Sorrento in Italy. The hotels range from luxury hotels to budget ones. The lodging centers offer pleasant facilities and services at reasonable rates. They can also be accessed easily.


You can visit the restaurants and dining hubs and have a taste of local, European, Italian and other mouth-watering continental dishes. The food is prepared by expert chefs. You can visit the bars which serve a wide range of wines, beer and other local and international brands of alcoholic drinks.

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