Fast Facts

  • Location: Venice, Italy.
  • Best time to Visit: November
  • How to Reach: You can avail of many bus services to reach the city from Piazzale Rome. The last water bus leaves Marco Polo airport just before midnight. You can avail of ATVO, ACTV or Alilaguna buses to reach Venice from Piazzala Rome. Eurostar trains connect Venice to the rest of Europe. It is also well connected by roadways to other major Italian cities like Turin, Belluno, Bologna, Trieste, Treviso, Padua, and the Adriatic Coast.
  • Nearest International Airport: Marco Polo Airport
  • Nearest Railway Station: Santa Lucia

Think of Venice, and you think of gondolas. Think of gondolas and you think of the complex web of canals, interlinking and crossing each other to form the most fascinating intra-city traffic way of the whole world. The Grand Canal is the very nerve center of Venice, with the city’s greatest architectures lining its banks.

The best way to explore the Grand Canal, Venice is by boat. The Grand Canal, forming one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city, is the most important canal in Venice, Italy. Venice Grand Canal boat tour is one of the most popular tours in Venice and it offers the opportunity to watch the city itself and to appreciate the sheer beauty and uniqueness of Venice.

The Grand Canal, also known as Canal Grande, is the major way of Venice, joining all parts of the city directly or through minor canals. You will find the most impressive buildings and all kinds of boats along the Grand Canal that never fail to enthrall its visitors. A huge number of tourists come to Venice every year from all over the world and enjoy exciting Gondola rides on the Grand Canal.

While gliding through Venice’s majestic Grand Canal and minor canals, you will get a glimpse of the beautiful palaces, ancient churches, stunning bridges, charming gardens, and warehouses lining the city’s streets. Some of the most popular Venice attractions you will come across while cruising in the Canal Grande include the San Marco Piazza, Santa Maria Della Salute, Natural History Museum, International Gallery of Modern Art, and several palazzos and churches such as the Ca’Rezzonico, Ca d’Oro, Ca’ Foscari, Palazzo Barbarigo and the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni. As you ride, you will discover the origins and evolution of the Grand Canal.

Grand Canal cruise is ideal for taking snaps. While the boats travel through the minor canals, you will get enough place to comfortably sit outside to take snaps and listen to the detailed commentary provided by your guide.

No tour to Italy is complete without a visit to Venice and an unforgettable Gondola ride on the beautiful Grand Canal. Enjoy an intimate boat tour of Venice along the Grand Canal and discover the true magic of the world’s most beautiful city.

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