Fast Facts

  • Location: A Baltic country surrounded by Estonia in the north, Russia in the east, Belarus in south east, Lithuania in the south, and Baltic Sea in the west and north west.
  • Country capital: Riga
  • Language/s: Latvian
  • Currency: Lats
  • Time Zone: EET (UTC + 2); EEST (UTC + 3)
  • ISD Code: 371
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • International Airport: Riga International Airport

Latvia is an exceptionally vivacious nation, unpretentious and vibrant. Even the most wearied individual will be overwhelmed by the unique lifestyle, the tantalizing charm and the must see Latvia cities. The quintessential charm of Latvia with its typical traditional ambiance, makes it an exceptional place for those who are tired with the hustle of the metro cites. The remarkable history of the country and the unmatched valor of the Latvian citizens is exhibited by the historical monuments that speaks about the freedom movements and, the culture and civilization of the country. For tourists like you, make sure you plan out a exciting trip to every must see places in Latvia and explore it completely.

As far as the trip plan is concerned, you can first land in Riga, the capital city of Latvia that unfolds some of the most astounding events in history. A perfect example of a toy town with cobbled streets, large parks, and old quarters, all spread out along the two banks of Daugava River, Riga is a must see Latvia tourist spot to peek into the amazements of Latvian history. A visit to the Freedom Monument that has a typical aura of patriotism, will take you deeper into the historic gallantry of the country. Standing stalwart amidst the paved streets of the city, this mighty edifice is considered as an emblem of liberty and glory for Latvia. Here you can admire the exemplary constructions of the Freedom Boulevard and the beautiful architecture of the National Opera House. While in Riga, you can also plan out a voyage to the picturesque Old Town that is located between the Daugava River and the Pilsetas Canal, thus forming a tiny island. The turrets and steeples basking in the summer sun, or the winter snow coupled with its candle-lit bars and garish pubs has earned Riga the title of ‘Paris of the East’. Nevertheless, a visit to the Diem Church, one of the oldest churches in the Baltic states, and the majestic Town Hall Square are typical artistic marvels of the country.

Waking up from the bewilderments of history, you can also step into the deepest chasm of the national parks or cherish the tranquil atmosphere of the suburbs and towns. The picturesque meadows of Cesis Township provides the picture perfect view for all tourists to take a long break from the monotony of life. Located near the capital city, the town is a perfect getaway for those who are looking for seclusion and cosiness. Notwithstanding, the town is also blessed by various souvenirs from history as well. The Victory Monument that celebrates the momentous historical event of the 1919 Battle of Cesis, is a must see Latvia attraction. Other than this, the Rigas Iela, the busiest street of the town, and the 13th century St. John’s Church are also noteworthy destinations. You can even explore the Gauja National Park in Sigulda on foot or on a bicycle. Being the true marvel of nature with rapids and gorges offering ambitious scopes for canoing and bungee jumping, the park is an amazing tourist destination in Latvia. Further, the heart-touching vistas around the Gauja River and the thrilling experience amidst the dark pathways of the Gutmanis cave within the park, will refresh your weary mind. Next, Jurmala that stretches to about 20 km along the icy blue waters of the Baltic Sea features pine woods and beaches backed by dunes. For a totally tranquil vacation be in the windswept wilderness of Cape Kolka. In contrast, Liepaja is the city of music, dance and revelry.

When to Visit Latvia
Summer time or the months from May to September is the best time to visit Latvia. In winter months bob sleighing and skiing are the popular sports in Latvian mountain slopes.

Travel to and within Latvia
Riga International Airport is the main airport serving Latvia. It is connected to important cities of Europe and other continents. Boat services ply between Latvia and Sweden, Germany, and Estonia. International trains connect Riga to Moscow in Russia, and Kyiv in Ukraine. You could reach Latvia by bus from Russia, Germany, and Poland.

Suburban trains are the best means of traveling from city to city within Latvia. Buses also connect cities within the country. Within city limits, buses, trolley buses, trams and rental cars are used for commuting.

List of Must see places in Latvia:

  • Riga
  • The Freedom Monument
  • Sigulda
  • Cesis Town
  • Old Town
  • Town Hall Square
  • Victory Monument
  • Gauja National Park
  • Jurmala
  • Cape Kolka
  • Liepaja

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