Fast Facts

  • Location: Europe
  • Capital: Monaco
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: French and some other regional languages.
  • Best time to Visit: March to September
  • Time Zone: CET
  • Calling Code: 377
  • Major Airports: Monaco – Fontvieille Heliport

Monaco located in South Western Europe is officially known as Principality of Monaco. Coming to the tourist spots, the must see places in Monaco are a combination of serene beauty and architectural grandeur. It is the most densely populated country in the world and is known for its post-modern urban architecture. Being the world’s smallest French-speaking country, the country is unique as it takes an average of around 56 minutes to walk across the width of the country. The diminutive size of the country does not restrict visitors from visiting the must see Monaco sightseeings.

Though not dotted with multiple architectural marvels or diverse natural terrains or landscapes, Monaco has a charm of its own that is distinguished from the other parts of the world. The rich and wealthy lifestyle of the country is what you should be most excited about. Though a major chunk of the population in Monaco is basically foreign nationals, yet the country boasts of unique cultural heritage and charm. The best thing about this country lies in the fact that you can even visit all the must see places in Monaco by foot, owing to its small width.

with the Prince Palace. Situated in the Place du Palais, the palace is a major place to see in Monaco, which is the residence of the Prince of Monaco and his family. The most fascinating fact about this palace is that it is opened for tourists when the prince and the family go for tours. What you will like about Monaco is the openness and the enthusiasm with which the hosts welcome you. The grandiose and the intricate artistry and decorativeness of the palace are what you will find most appealing. The palace, which is ranked top in the must see Monaco list is also known as Palace du Prince that consists of age-old architectures like Correra marble stairs and the Hercules gallery.

If you wish to step back into history and admire the valor of Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest rulers in history, then don’t miss the Napoleon Museum in Monaco-Ville. This museum that hordes the precious remnants and the memorabilia of Napoleon I is also known as Musee napoleon en et des Archives Mongesqyes. Here you can find some of the most invaluable possessions of the ruler as well as the religious articles that he brought from St. Helena. The museum forms a major must see Monaco tourist spot, as it exposes the entire biography of the most eminent persona ever born.

To your amazement, you will be further impressed by the massiveness and the theatrical marvel of the Fort Antoine Theater. The place is marked for it scenic beauty and the panoramic view of the entire port and the city. Situated on the famous Avenue de la Quarantine, the place will surely mesmerize your senses for its architecture and the circular sitting arrangement that can accommodate as many as 350 people. Finally, a visit to the Saint Nicholas Cathedral is mandatory for all tourists to view the typical Byzantine architectural style. After you are over with the must see places in Monaco, don’t forget to check out the sparking market places and the glitzy glamor of Monaco. Don’t miss to party around and savor the special delicacies of the country to complete the voyage with a smile. The country is also known for conducting a variety of sports. Take out some time to see the Monaco Grand Prix, a major sporting event in the country.

Like most other parts of Europe, the climate of Monaco is mostly temperate. The summer months are pleasant and mild while the winter months are cold. The ideal time for going to Monaco is between the months of March and October.


Air: Monaco is served by the Monaco – Fontvieille Heliport. It is a small airport and operates flights to and from various parts of Europe and its surroundings. The airport is well equipped with contemporary facilities and services.

Road: Monaco also consists of a well-developed road transport system. You can get regular buses, cars, and other vehicles on the roads

List of must see places in Monaco:

  • Napoleon Museum, Monaco-Ville
  • Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, Monaco-Ville
  • Prince’s Palace, Monaco-Ville
  • Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco-Ville
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Fort Antoine Theater

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