Fast Facts

Location: Amsterdam in the Netherlands
Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Admission Fee: â‚¬ 18
How to Reach: Most cruises start from the Central Station and the Leidseplein area, both of which are easily accessible.
Nearest Railway Station: Central Station
Nearest International Airport: Amsterdam International Airport
The time required for sightseeing: 2-3 hours or a full day

Amsterdam’s Canals
Experience sailing amidst those winding water bodies and canals shaded by leafy green vegetation and through the historic buildings which reflect five centuries of architectural grandeur. Or how about enjoying a relaxed barbeque dinner on the water with family or friends? Well, Amsterdam cruises offer you everything! Cruising through Amsterdam offers you a deep insight into the rich culture and heritage of the city and also provides utmost delight and fun. In fact, there is no better way of discovering the magnificent lanes and by-lanes of Amsterdam than embarking on cruise trips. Experience the thrill and charm of cruising and also learn about the rich culture and heritage of this ic city.

The first instance of cruise trips in Amsterdam took place in the year 1621 when Queen Elisabeth Stuart of Bohemia came to the city. She was taken on a parade of wonderfully decorated admiralty sloops through the city. Thousands of people welcomed the Queen by cheering on the bridges and banks of the canals. Since then, cruising became a sign of royal aristocracy. As a sign of welcome, VIPs were greeted on a parade of cruises. Various eminent personalities ranging from Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela to the Beatles have all been given this special honor in a canal cruise boat.

Today canal cruises in Amsterdam rank among the most popular attraction in the city and around 3 million people embark on cruise trips every year. You can enjoy an array of cruise trips all over the year. You can embark on standard cruise trips for one hour or you can also opt for cruises lasting for four hours with complimentary dinner. Special candlelight cruises are also available in the evening. Can cruises be also a perfect setting for corporate parties with uniqueness?

Special boat cruises are offered by a number of boat companies in the city. Today there are around 200 specialized vessels that offer an array of fun and entertainment activities. Major cruise tour operators are located around the Central Station and around the entertainment area of Leidseplein. For a learning experience, board the museum boat. The boat takes you all the famous museums in the city ranging from the House of Anne Frank to the Rijksmuseum. After the trip, the boat drops you at Kalverstraat or the Magna Plaza, which are located centrally. Lovers’ Museum Boat is another cruise service that takes you to the main museums in the city.

Have you ever heard of a bus in the canal? Well, your search ends here. Canal bus trips are one of the best ways to go to various places across the city and visit important museums, popular tourist hot spots, shopping and dining precincts, and other attractions. The itinerary of the trips mostly consists of 3 routes with 14 stops. You can book and enjoy an entire day in water by buying a day pass costing € 18. Electrical powered Canal Hopper sloops with a capacity of 12 people are also available. They operate on two routes on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. To add to the excitement, you can also embark on canal bikes. Drive your own canal bike and venture out on your own and discover Amsterdam to the fullest and also get that adrenaline rush.

If you wish to enjoy the luxury to the fullest while in the water, the saloon boats are the perfect choice for you. They rank among the top of the line luxury cruises in the city and the fleet was formerly used by the aristocrats. The trips offer you a high degree of luxury and comfort you will truly have an experience of a lifetime.

Recently, another high profile Saloon boat named the ‘Sovereign’ is plying on the canals of Amsterdam. This electrically powered boat is a miniature version of an antique vessel and can accommodate around 55 passengers and is equipped with facilities and services of high standards.

You can also avail of an array of special canal cruise services in Amsterdam. Some of the popular special cruise services are Healthy Breakfast Cruise, High Tea Cruise, Barbecue cruise Lovers, Happy Hour and a half, Cocktail Cruise, The Blues Boat, Comedy cruise with Boom Chicago, Architecture cruise Aemstelland and so on.

Enjoy Amsterdam to the fullest by embarking on cruise trips and have a learning experience with a blend of fun. We provide some helpful links, that will provide you with lots of great views and travel information related to a cruise through the city of Amsterdam. YouTube, for example, has a detailed series of 15 videos that capture the Amsterdam canal cruise in detail.

We provide you some more extremely useful links: Great video showcasing the beauty of this historic Dutch city. Watch this video for a very real experience of a cruise in Amsterdam. A rich wealth of travel blogs related to Amsterdam canal tours. Find out how the experience changes from one visitor to another, while some visitors swear by this trip, there are visitors who thought it to be outright disappointing. A holistic account on Amsterdam touring including Amsterdam canal cruise. Go through the article to plan your Amsterdam canal tour better.

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