Fast Facts

  • Location: Located in South Holland province, between Rotterdam and The Hague, in the Netherlands
  • Attraction Type: City
  • Significance: Delft is known throughout the world for its wonderful canals and blue & white ceramics.
  • Best time to Visit: Spring and Summer
  • How to Reach: If you are coming down by air, you can land at Rotterdam Airport, only a few km away from Delft. Alternatively, you can also land in Amsterdam, which has got a lot more flights from all parts of the world. You can also reach Delft by train. Delft has got two railway stations, viz. Delft — located near the city center and Delft Zuid — located in the southern part of the city. Trains are available from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiphol, and Den Haag, etc.
  • Nearest Airport: Rotterdam Airport (RTM)

It is the blue and white ceramics that have earned fame for the place throughout the world. You add with this a few more unique characteristics, the town becomes a wonderland for the visitors. The unspoiled charm of the town, the traditional architecture, and wonderful canals — it is a continuous process of getting amazed as you keep exploring the city of Delft.

Located in South Holland province, between Rotterdam and The Hague, in the Netherlands, Delft has got more than 750 years of history. The city is full of canals, which have become the trademark of the city. The oldest of which is known as ‘The Old Delft’. The city got its name from ‘delves’, means digging. Delft has been a center of art and science in the Netherlands for quite a long time. The city also became a trading center with the foundation of VOC in 1602, which at one time was the largest trading company in the world.

The city also came into attention when a gunpowder store exploded on 12th October 1654. The explosion became known as the Delft Thunderclap. Much of the city was destroyed by the explosion, with more than a hundred people died and thousands wounded.

Things to Do
Delft is a city where no car is allowed. So, while exploring the inner city of Delft, you need to use your foot. And it is no wonder why walking tours are quite popular among the tourists in Delft. Guided city walks, historic walks, tailor-made group walks, and Vermeer Cube walk could be some good options. But the biggest attraction is perhaps exploring the city through its canals. Canal boats will take you to the city tour where the captain of the boat would tell you more about the history of the city. The tour lasts for 45 minutes. The canal boat tours are also included in the Delft City Tour and the Delft Blue Line. You can also use Canal Hoppers to explore the canals of the city.

DelftXpress is the Delft Blue tourist train that connects the inner city of Delft to the Royal Delft porcelain factory and the Botanical Garden of the Delft University of Technology.

House of Orange: This showcases the historic ties of the city of Delft with the Dutch royal house. Visit the Nieuwe Kerk or the New Church that goes up almost 109 m. Also visit Prinsenhof Museum, Army Museum, and Prinsenstad combi ticket, etc.

Vermeer: Another popular attraction in Delft. You will enjoy Vermeercentrum Delft, Mauritshuis The Hague, The Old Church, and Site Kaldenbach, etc.

Delft Blue and Ceramics: Delft is known throughout the world for its blue and white ceramics. Royal Delft, Delft Pottery De Delftse Pauw, De Candelaer, Blue Tulip, Gallery Terra, BisQ Ceramics and Pottery the Mallemok are quite popular.

There are plenty of options for accommodation in Delft. There are several hotels that cater to the needs of all sorts of travelers. Some of the hotels in Delft can be named as The Grand Winston Hotel, Best Western Museum Hotels, Hotel de Ark, Tulip Inn Delft, Campanile Delft, Hotel Coen, Hotel de Plataan, Hotel Juliana, Hotel de Vlaming and Hotel de Emauspoort, etc.

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