Fast Facts

  • Location: Otterlo, Netherlands
  • Significance: Museum
  • Attraction Type: Painting, Sculpture, Van Gogh Collection, National Park, Picnic
  • Timings: 10.00 to 17.00 hrs. Sculpture Garden closes at 16.30 hrs. Museum remains closed on Mondays and the New Year day.
  • Admission Fee: 7 Euros for the Park, and 7 Euros for the museum for adults. Free for children up to 6 years. There is a discount of 10% for groups of 20 and above.
  • How to Reach: By car, follow A1, A50 or A12 motorway and follow the signs for Park Hoge Veluwe/ Kroller-Muller Museum. There are buses from Apeldoorn and Ede/Wageningen train station. These buses carry you right at the center adjoining the museum.

Located amidst the picturesque setting of the expansive Hoge Veluwe National Park is the Kroller-Muller Museum, one of the most visited museums in the Netherlands. Most of the exhibits in the Kroller-Muller Museum come from the collection of Helene Kroller-Muller, daughter of a German industrialist and an avid art collector. After her marriage to Dutchman Anton Kroller who succeeded in her father’s business as a manager, she started to build an impressive painting and art collection on her own. Once this collection grew large enough to fill a gallery, she decided to offer it to the Netherlands State. A gallery was built in the National Park ‘Hoge Veluwe’, the largest national park in Holland, by architect Henry van de Velde, and it was opened to the public in 1938. Further additions to the original building took place in 1961 and 1977.

Collection of Kroller-Muller Museum The greatest attraction of the Kroller-Muller Museum is its impressive collection of Van Gogh’s paintings. There are 235 paintings by the Dutch master, a number exceeded only by the famous Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. However, there are also works by a large number of French impressionists and Spanish masters. Seurat, Redon, Braque, and Piet Mondrian share space with works by Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris. Other artists whose works are displayed include works by Hepworth, Bourdelle, Rodin, Marini, Polizzi, Moore and Marta Pan. Lovers of modern art would simply delight in the august presence of these works.

Sculpture Garden in Kroller-Muller Museum
Art, for Helen Kroller Muller, was more than an isolated entity. Art was integrally connected to landscape and architecture in her view. The sculpture garden of the Kroller-Muller Museum best exemplifies this holistic view towards art that the patron and the original collector of the gallery had. The sculpture garden was not originally a part of the museum but was added later in 1961. Over the years, it became the prime attraction of the museum. Most of the exhibits are works by modern sculptors that work towards a symbiosis of sculpting with its surrounding landscape and the unique architecture of the museum itself. Even when the sculptures are indoors, they appear as if engaged in an aesthetic dialogue with the paintings displayed in the hall, particularly the bright colors of Van Gogh’s landscapes.

Hoge Veluwe National Park Tour
Combine your tour to the Kroller-Muller Museum with a tour to the beautiful Hoge Veluwe National Park. The beautiful natural setting is a 5500-hectare woodland, grassy plains, and heathland. You can spot deer, wild boars and mouflons during your visit there. Enjoy a picnic in the national park or go on a bicycle trail.

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