Fast Facts

  • Location: In Netherlands Antilles in Windward Group of Islands in the Caribbean Sea
  • Attraction Type: Island
  • Significance: A volcanic island with tropical vegetation
  • Best Time to Visit: All through the year
  • How to reach: By flight from St. Martin; OR by ferry from St. Martin
  • Nearest Airport: St. Martin Airport

Saba allows you to relax amidst rainforests and reefs of the Caribbean. If you are looking for a secluded tropical haven surrounded by azure sea waters, then Saba in the Caribbean is the island to visit. Here in Saba Island you could leave all your worries behind and surrender yourself completely to nature’s bounty. Time here has stood still for maybe the last five hundred years. Rising out of the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea this tropical paradise rich in vegetation creates the perfect setting for a stress-free and tranquil holiday.

Saba of an approximate area of 5 sq. miles is the smallest of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. The word ‘Saba’ is either derived from the Dutch word for ‘shoe’, the main industry of this place, or from the Arawak Indian word ‘siba’ meaning rock signifying the rocky structure of this island. Initially colonized by the Englishmen it later was claimed by the French and ultimately by the Dutch in the early 19th century. Unlike other Caribbean islands that have reefs and sandy beaches, it is volcanic in nature with rugged coasts and rocky cliff faces.

Activities in Saba
Saba with its incredible landscape is an enthralling destination for adventurous hikes and enticing water sports. Mount Scenery over 850 meters offers a thrilling hiking trial to all enthusiasts. The Booby Hill on the windward side also offers another interesting walking trail. On this route, you could explore guava orchards, JoBean’s glass studio and an abandoned building which offers a spectacular view of the surroundings and St. John’s Island in the distance. The tropical forest along the hill slopes and the foothills offer excellent opportunities for viewing birds. Red-billed tropicbird, sea birds, and parakeets are the common bird varieties you would discover in Saba. The 43 hectare Saba National Park is an amazing landscape with hot springs, and abandoned sulfur mines.

If you love underwater expeditions, then the waters of Sana offer interesting possibilities. Diving along the coastal wall you would discover stunning marine life in the crevices, holes, and corners. The Saba National Marine Park was set up in 1987 to protect the coral reef and marine flora and fauna. In case you are a beginner you could take the assistance of a driving instructor to help explore the depths of these waters. Being in the windward side sailing is a very popular sport in Sana. Fishing is another inspiring activity to spend some quality time with.

Restaurants and Hotels in Saba
Saba is the ideal place for spending your vacation with family and friends. The cottages here are elegant and provide all modern amenities. El Momo, Cottage Club, Scout’s Place, Queen’s Garden, and Juliana’s are among the notable places to put up. Contrary to the size of the island, the food varieties that you get here is baffling. Chinese Bar & Restaurant serves exotic recipes, while Saba Treasure Inn and Tavern have an offering of the best sandwiches and pizzas. For an open-air dining experience there is nothing to compare the ambiance of My Kitchen. A candlelight dinner amidst the sounds of a tropical night forest would be an unforgettable experience at the Rainforest Restaurant.

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