Fast Facts

  • Location: In northern Norway in the Norwegian Sea.
  • Attraction Type: Archipelago
  • Significance: A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Best Time to Visit: All through the year
  • How to reach: By highway F10 from Harstad/ Narvik Airport; alternatively by ferry from Boda to Solar
  • Nearest International Airport: Harstad/ Narvik Airport

Lofoten is an out of the ordinary vacation destination in northern Norway. The picture-postcard appearance of charming fishing villages nestled among fjords, majestic cliffs rising directly from the seas, and kayaks maneuvering the waters make Lofoten in Norway a fantasy land.

Lofoten group of islands, even though lying well above the Arctic Circle, do not experience as severe climatic conditions as Siberia or Alaska. The Gulf Stream flowing by Lofoten ensures a mild summer when temperatures of 23º C are not uncommon, and not too severe winters. When places on the same latitude experience temperatures of -40º C, Lofoten records temperatures around 0º. Summer or winter, spring or autumn, Norway Lofoten is eternally pleasant and inviting.

Lofoten archipelago, comprising eight islands and numerous islets, is a declared UNESCO World Heritage site waiting to be explored.

In the winters, specifically from September to April view the magnificence of the Northern Lights on dark clear nights. This Aurora Borealis starts in the lower horizons in early evenings moving higher as the evening progresses. From 9th December to 4th January the sun does not appear at all. Similarly, in summer, the sun remains on the horizon from 26th May to 17th July, making this the land of the midnight sun. The western beaches of Eggum and Utakleiv in Vestvagay Island are the best places to experience this phenomenon.

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