Surpassing all levels of admiration from intrepid tourists, Oslo, the capital of Norway, is far more than just a cursory attraction. For you to explore every nook of the city, it is mandatory to make an exhaustive must see Oslo trip plan that may extend for weeks. And, for the middle class or the less affluent lot, Oslo — though expensive — is an excellent place to tarry if you can cut on your basket of goods. Or suffice with limited desires by harnessing your shopping titillations and lessen expenses by residing in small motels in the vicinity of the city. In fact, let not the over-desirous mind give in to luxuriant thoughts, but start with the historical, cultural and architectural must see places in Oslo – best option to divert yourself from the worldly distractions. Or, for the weary populace — those saturated with stress — driving long over green meadows and empty alleys to drop by the enchanting outskirts or the suburban ambiance.

Lest the natural beauty of the countrysides, Oslo has always been overtly a glitter-city for the travel freaks, as the city is seemingly luring for its heritage and plush market blend. So, to get a true feel of Norwegian spirit and immerse in the quaintness of its traditions, start with the historical sites and the museums. Whilst, it is always the subtle beauty of the architectures that can strike your emotions, it is actually the plethora of museums that are major must see places in Oslo. The Emanuel Vigeland Museum, for instance, is one of the famous ones in the city for its quirky collections and morbidly funny stories attached to it. Mostly comprising of Emanuel’s mausoleum, the museum is also posthumously known for its imposing construction. And, specifically for those with in-depth knowledge and passion for art — or even the novice – are most welcome at the Munch Museum, a center of artworks by the famous Edward Munch — a prolific painter and printmaker. Explore the place, get a chance of a lifetime to come across the peerage of the artist. Among the countless others sprinkled all throughout the city, the three major one’s reserving space in your must see Oslo travel tips, are the University of Oslo Natural History Museum, the Ibsen Museum – formerly home to renowned dramatist Henrik Ibsen, and the archaeological findings at the Viking Ship Museum.

A break for the museum and the queer collections within will give you a chance for some city-trotting. So better late than never, you can now come across a number of famed landmarks and must see Oslo sites that will leave an everlasting mark. First, it is the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History that is closest to my heart. Say why? It is the rare ethnic veil over this glitter-city of ours that touched me. Furlongs of the vacuousness of this open-air museum takes you to an incredible journey to the remotest cultural sites sprawled all around. Others like the ethnic Royal Palace — unbelievable though for a capital city to have one, the unforgettable significance of the Noble Peace Center and the Oslo Opera House are also excellent places to see in Oslo. And while you are nearing your trip-end, always plan a fine walk amidst the Frogner Park, notable for its natural charm, and sceneries draped with lakes, verdures, and succulent public parks.

So, all those stifled men, the weary women or the depressed youngsters, make a trip: get under the Norwegian spell.

List of must see Oslo sightseeings:

  • Emanuel Vigeland Museum
  • Munch Museum
  • University of Oslo Natural History Museum
  • Ibsen Museum
  • Viking Ship Museum
  • Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
  • Royal Palace
  • Noble Peace Center
  • Oslo Opera House
  • Frogner Park

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