Fast Facts

  • Location: North of Germany, surrounded by the North Sea in the west, Skagerrak Strait in the north, and Kattegat in the East
  • Country Capital: Copenhagen
  • Best Time to Visit: May to August
  • Currency: Danish Krone
  • How to Reach: By air from all major cities of the world; by water from Scandinavian and Baltic locations; by road from Germany
  • International Airports: Copenhagen, Esberg, Billund, Aalborg, and Arhus
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC + 1); CEST (UTC +2)
  • ISD Code: +45

The exotic glitz of the cities, the jaunty lifestyle of the city folks and the unlimited must see Denmark attractions, make it a deserving vacation destination for tourists. Considered to be one of the happiest nations in Europe, the cobbled streets of Danish towns, the traditional village ambiance and the extravagant nightlife of the cities, make Denmark in Europe the perfect getaway for a peaceful vacation with family, friends, or enjoy the solitude just by yourself. This Scandinavian country on the northern end of Germany is surrounded by sea on its eastern, northern, and western sides, which will give you ample scope to enjoy the balmy sea and the breezy atmosphere of the beaches, which are all must-see places in Denmark.

Other than being a place with rich cultural and historical art and crafts, your visit to this country will be even more exciting for the fascinating environment. To start your journey, you can visit Bornholm that is known for its scenic beauty and fascinating beaches and landscapes. Located amidst the Baltic Sea, Bornholm Island is home to picturesque surroundings with rocky and sandy beaches. Here you can also relax in the quiet and silent environment of the Bornholm towns like Svaneke, Ronne, Gudhjem, and Sandvig. Other than this, you can also cherish the exciting lifestyle and beauty of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Immortalized by the ‘Little Mermaid’, the city has aptly being described as the ‘most wonderful Scandinavian city’ by most tourists. A noted must-see Denmark site, Odense is also a brilliant tourist spot for its panoramic Flower Festival in August. Your visit to Ribe will take you back to the ancient 869 AD with lush meadows, clear streams, and half-timbered houses of the 16th century.

If you wish to travel to the depth of Denmark history, tradition and culture then drop into the National Museum of Denmark. Other museums like Odense City Museum, Danish Tramway Museum, and Military Museums are some of the other commons must-see places in Denmark. The country is also marked for being the oldest monarchy in the world with magnificent castles and forts like Amalienborg Slot, Aldershivile Palace and many more.

Your journey to this marvelous land with beauty and excitement is not over unless you have visited the national parks or have enjoyed the nightlife of the cities that are also considered to be major Denmark sightseeings. While you may get lost amidst the verdant forests of Skandinavisk Dyrepark to view the actual wildness of the Nordic species, you can also get charmed by the marine life at Kattegatcentret. No matter wherever you go, the national parks in Denmark overtly welcome you to a newfound land with unusual experiences. The vast varieties of animals in Rees Park expose the ruthlessness of the tigers, the peacefulness of the herbivores and, the grace and elegance of the peacocks. The presence of animals like ostrich, deers, zebra, wild cat, tigers and many more, make it a must-see Denmark vacation spot. Apart from this, you can even relish the charm of nature by visiting Han Herred Nature Place, which is a spectacular destination for bird watching and strolling on the beaches.

To end the trip with an exciting note, don’t forget the romantic holiday resorts, the exuberant party nights and discos, as well as the live music venues. Parting and pubbing is a popular pastime in Denmark. Starting from pop must to acid rock, you will find a wide array of pubs, restaurants and night clubs in all most all cities. Danes in Copenhagen, the discos in Osterbro, Baron Bolten Gard club and Subsonic are amazing must-see places in Denmark to enjoy full-time party night.

Time to Visit Denmark

Denmark is best visited between May and August. The fields are green and the weather absolutely balmy and comfortable. Winter is cold with long nights.

Traveling to and within Denmark

Being surrounded by water on three sides, Denmark is conveniently accessible by sea from Swinoujscie in Poland, Gothenburg in Sweden, Oslo in Norway, Puttgarden in Germany, and Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. Eurolines operate buses between Copenhagen and other European cities. Scanrail connects Denmark to Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Copenhagen is the main international airport of Denmark connected by direct flights from major cities of Europe, and the rest of the world. Airlines operating from European cities also fly to Esberg, Billund, Aalborg, and Arhus.

List of must-see places in Denmark:

  • Bornholm
  • Copenhagen
  • Odense
  • Ribe
  • National Museum of Denmark
  • Danish Tramway Museum
  • Amailienborg Slot
  • Aldershivile Palace
  • Skandinavisk Dyrepark
  • Kattegatcentret
  • Rees Park
  • Han Herred Nature Place
  • Nightlife in Denmark

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