Europe is a place that lures travelers from all ages and walks of life to dream of visiting Europe at least once in their lifetime. And why not, Europe boasts of so many must-see places and tourist attractions like Eiffel Tower, Lake Baikal, Salzburg in Austria, Snowy alps of Switzerland, Rhine Gorge, London Bridge and many more.  

Popular Destinations in Europe:

Baden Baden London Copenhagen
Amsterdam Venice Munich
Salzburg Dublin Moscow
Brussels Zermatt Athens

Europe is not just a continent with age-old traditions and impressive technological developments rather a preferable place for tourists to relax and cherish the untouched beauty of nature. Home to various natural wonders of the world, the continent is a marvelous place for you to spend months by roaming around like nomads from the dark wilderness to the deepest part of the historical monuments. What adds further charm to the must-see places in Europe is the natural diversity that the places offer. For instance, the snowy Alps of Switzerland are matched by the pristine beaches along the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. If you are visiting the floating city of Venice and enjoying the traditional Gondola ride, then you also have the option to travel to the highest mountains of Switzerland or dive in the blue Atlantic or Mediterranean sea. As far as natural beauty is concerned the continent has uncountable destinations where you can enjoy a dream vacation. Starting right from the green lawns and landscapes of the UK to the snow-capped mountains of Germany, Poland, and others, the continent is an absolute masterpiece gift of god. In fact, the unsullied beaches and the pleasing weather conditions of the European archipelago, islands would speed up your heartbeat. Land of some of the great poets, writers and literary masterpieces, great empires, extensive cultural diversity, and great worriers, Europe conjures the hearts of all tourists whoever visits the continent.

Top 15 Places to Visit in Europe:

Black Forest, Germany Rhine Gorge, Germany Colosseum, Rome
Eiffel Tower, Paris Aletsch glacier, Switzerland London Tower bridge
Windsor Castle Copenhagen, Denmark St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
Lake Baikal, Russia The Alps, Switzerland Colossus of Rhodes, Greece
Alhambra Place    

The mystical charm of the customs, architectures, and cultures of Europe raises curiosity and the intricate and typical architecture clearly reveals the skill and artistry of the European craftsmen. Owing to the wonderful scenic beauty and rich heritage, most of the places in the continent are considered to be a must-see European heritage site. Right from the Eiffel tower that stands stalwart in the heart of France to the meticulous architectures of Greece and Italy, Europe is like a storehouse of natural and historical souvenirs. A land that houses some of the top seven wonders of the world, the continent is like a one time experience for you that will provide you maximum satisfaction and excitement.

Other than just historical and natural must-see European destinations, the continent is also marked for its thriving urban culture. Home to some of the earliest big cities in the world that date back to antiquity and the Middle Ages, the urban culture of Europe has been the virtual model for the formation of urban civilizations all across the world. Walking down some of the plushest markets, shopping arcades, discos will bring forth the buoyant lifestyle of the Europeans. The brilliant nightlife with blasting parties and concerts is something you can never miss. Also, don’t forget to visit the enchanting landscapes and the serene environment of the countrysides that are must-see tourist attractions in Europe.  

Some More Must See Places in Europe:

Grand Canal Venice: Venice Grand Canal, Italy boat tour is one of the most popular tours in Venice and it offers the opportunity to watch the city itself and to appreciate the sheer beauty and uniqueness of Venice. read more..

St. Basil’s Cathedral: With its unique and unmatched character, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia can amaze any traveler of any country in the world read more..

Lake Lucerne: This is what Mark Twain had to say about Weggis, a town alongside Lake Lucerne: ‘the charmingest place we have ever lived in for repose and restfulness, superb scenery, Twain, with characteristic eloquence, echoed the feelings of thousands of visitors to the Lake Lucerne region. Lake Lucerne Switzerland, surrounded by enchanting mountain slopes, is a picturesque destination with city Lucerne on its more..

Retezat National Park, Romania: Retezat National Park. It is also a place full of surprises. Be it the breathtaking views of nature at its wildest best, the scintillating views of the Carpathian mountains, the spectacular views of the Danube plains or the adventure that the park offers to its visitors Retezat National is a destination that simply cannot be missed. read more..

Edinburgh Castle: Walk through the spectacular Edinburgh Castle and get a feel of the royal medieval Scottish culture and heritage. Your trip to Scotland remains almost as empty without visiting the Edinburgh more..

Rock of Gibraltar: There is hardly any traveler in the world who does not dream of visiting the Rock of Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar, the most famous rock in the world, is a monolithic limestone promontory located off the southwestern end of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. read more..

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