If Julie Andrews — one of those versatile geniuses of the 50’s — an eminent singer, writer and later a star, reminds you about the foot-tapping beats of ‘Do re mi fa…..’ or the melodious ‘Edelweiss’, then the must see Salzberg attractions — may it be the green meadows, the scenic landscapes or the cool hill slopes — speaks about ‘Sound of Music’, one of the most famous award-winning movies of the sixties. If you are here, at this historic country – also the birthplace of famous actor/body-builder and presently Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger — then you are most likely to get charmed by the quintessential Austrian aura of the cities as well as the countrysides. Step down from your obvious idea of a capital city, cause the must see places in Salzberg are surely going to mesmerize you, not with its glamor or glitter, but with its ancient culture and a rare mix of plushness, sophistication, and elegance.

‘Wow — an absolute masterpiece” – I would say if you ask me about the historical artifacts, statuesque monuments or the ethnic touch at the museums, or in fact, some of the must see Salzberg sites. A first look at the city and I was flipped over by its rather uncanny art collections, and the serene and salubrious gardens. A Baroque city, known for its picturesque set-up beside the Salzach River, the unusual comeliness of Salzberg — a blend of music venues, shops, pristine hills, and hair-raising historical sites — brings millions of tourist every year. I was more enchanted by the coziness of this city, which though tiny, has a lot for you in-store if explored rightly.

So, here I was. Finally, in front of the voluminous and intricate architectural stature of the Salzberg Cathedral — a favorite must see the place in Salzberg for many. It is not only the exterior art or the interior magnificence that struck me, but the green dome – sparkling in the sun — of this Baroque edifice also left me stunned for hours, before I could discover its historical legacy. If you are here, ambling around the marvelous facades of the church, don’t miss a chance to walk inside to realize its architectural prowess. And, so on and so forth I walked until I bumped on the Neue Residenz. While the fluorescent white structure of Neue blazed in the daylight almost blinding my eyes, at night, it is the cool reflection of the shop lights that makes it look like a man holding a candle. Particularly, it is the black tower on the top — much contrasting the white facades – that catches your eyes for its unmatched artistry. Get inside and there you find the Salzberg Museum resplendent with ancient artifacts that push you back in time, exposing the excellent culture, history and famous personalities of the city. The Hellbrunn Palace and the Hohensaltzburg Fortress are two other significant places to know more about the history of Salzberg.

I was most keen — as obviously everyone should be — to visit the Mirabell Gardens, a must see Salzberg site, where the movie ‘Sound of Music’ was shot. Other than freshening the memoirs of the legendary movie by walking inside the palatial building, the place is also best to stroll in the lush lawns, sit by the fountains or sip a coffee at the ‘Caffe Shakespeare’ or the University Canteens at the Mirabell Square, nearby. There I was next — in the Mozart Wohnhaus — what I was waiting to see for months. Quite obviously, a brilliant tourist destination in Salzberg, here, Mozart — the founder of Mozart music – lived from 1773 to 1780. The museum, henceforth portrays the entire life, works, musical notes and portraits of the artist.

Next, it was turned for my favorite must see places in Salzberg. Obviously the hills, the silence, and the cool meadows. For stifled souls like me — those always looking out for solace or tired with the city hustle — get drenched in the obscure silence of nature in the hills, which are also “ Sound of Music” movie sites. The stunning views from Monchsberg and Festungsberg are also unforgettable. As you ramble up, to the summit, come across the Capuchin Monastery tucked in some corner. Sit, relax, pray, meditate and cherish the surrounding vistas. It’s amazing!

And, why end here? If still left with time, explore literature at the Old Town, or even savor nice food, little beer, or enjoy a theater or Mozart. More, get friendly with the locals to perceive the true vibe and charisma of the city. It is tough to explore everything about Salzberg, but if you love it — you can do it. List of must see Salzberg sites:

  • Salzberg Cathedral
  • Old Town
  • Mirabell Square
  • Mozart Wohnhaus
  • Hellbrunn Palace
  • Hohensaltzburg Fortress
  • Neue Residenz
  • Mossberg
  • Festungsberg
  • Capuchin Monastery

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