Not just for a cursory glance, but Warsaw – with all its architectural abundance, the communist hegemony and the sordid memories of history — is seemingly enchanting for a tour. For the short-timers, Warsaw, the capital of Poland, can be perceived by just ambling the must see Warsaw sights. Blessed with some of the best soviet legacies in art, the city is excellent to be explored to know more about World War history as well as, the immense vigor of Poland to come up as a paragon of redevelopment and renewal. On my first visit to the city — like all – what I registered was a profound ethnicity that fills the air — amidst all the buoyancy and the city hustle. But, it indeed is a fact that those feeling stifled by the continuous work exertions, can always drop in Poland to cherish its historic must see places in Warsaw as well as the quaint suburbs.

Start with the Old Town Market Place — one of those great historic sites in Poland and indeed a must see Warsaw site. The place turns you nostalgic, takes you back to the times of the Nazis — who partially destroyed the place leaving behind only a few. But the urge to bring back the heritage to its prime, pushed the Polish government to toil for years to reconstruct the entire place and bring back the market to life. If you walk by the ethnic pathways or stroll around the open spaces in the market, a strange feeling seeps in: of those who died in the Warsaw uprising, of the ruthlessness of the Nazi Troops and of course the overall gallantry of the country to rise with flying colors. For more history, there is always more scope you can try for when in Warsaw. The Osstrogski Castle — home to the Fredric Choplin Society and Museum — is a must-visit for its excellent architectural semblance and the blazing yellow walls draped with ethnic windows and door. For more, there are endless, you may wish to give a trip. For instance, for the history lovers, or those wishing to adore the artistic prowess of the country, the Royal Castle is an absolute must see tourist attraction in Warsaw. Being one of the best national museums and monuments, the palace looks elegant for its imposing stature and enormous facades. Other than all these, the Wilanow Palace, and the architectural gem — the Krolukarnia — are excellent to be visited.

And, don’t forget to drop by the Palace of Culture and Science, or the Nozyk Synagogue, cause it is here where you can get a glimpse of the true Polish essence. Of the two, the later is a must see place in Warsaw, not only for its architecture but for being the testimony of the Jewish contributions to the city, For a relaxing saunter or to enjoy the cool breeze amidst spectacular parks and gardens, or if looking for some break from the din of the market places, walk over to the Royal Baths Park — one of the most beautiful urban parks in Europe. Hence, among the long list of landmarks and parks in the city, this is a place you may dream to get lost. Likewise, even Saxon Park is yet another park for people to lounge around.

The actual history and the vigor of the city can only be obtained after you are at the Powazki Cemetery — one of those must see Warsaw sites, where you can find eminent people of the country rest in peace. So, come cherish every bit the city has in store for you.

List of must see Warsaw sightseeings

  • Powazki Cemetery
  • Palace of Culture and Science
  • Nozyk Synagogue
  • Royal Baths Park
  • Saxon Park
  • Wilanow Palace
  • Krolukarnia
  • Osstrogski Castle
  • Old Town Market Place
  • Royal Castle

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