If Lisbon is the one you are planning for this vacation, then be sure to plan out an extensive trip plan to walk around every corner of the city. While there are boundless must see Lisbon sites you would always like to explore, but time would give you limited scope to do so. Either the extravagant market places that would stir your head out of bewilderment or the groovy nightlife that takes your mind for a toss must see places in Lisbon are always one of the best places to throw in for an exciting vacation. For the history lovers, walk by the plethora of the museums and the castles, that testifies the eventful history and culture-cross in the country. Nature-lovers, wait until you drop yourselves into pristine beaches, lush green parks and botanical gardens in the city. And, if not hurried for a flight back home, just take your time to stroll around the renowned landmarks in the city — perfect to learn history or gaze at the enormous facades.

To choose a handful of the top must see Lisbon site is utterly difficult for any first-timer — as the city seems to be more than enticing for tourists to sacrifice any. Start with the museums and the historical landmarks, before you are on for some pub-fun or lip-smacking delicacy. For this, the Gulbenkian Museum is a preferable distraction from the party madness. Beautifully set amidst green lawns — perfect to saunter or lazy around warm afternoon or walk along with the cool breeze — the museum is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone with an inclination towards Egyptian civilization, art, paintings, and cultural bits. For further tit-bits on history, Balem is a place that welcomes you to the incredibly eventful era — that was once ruled by mighty kings, warriors, and Tsars. The statuesque Balem Tower, the thriving Balem Cultural Center and the ever-glamorous Royal Palace of Balem — now the Presidential Palace of Balem — are must see tourist attractions in Lisbon. For further awe, there is the Ponte 25 de Abril — one of the architectural magnificences in the city — that deserves a watch.

Next, guide yourself into further depth of history. Get a guide, hop to Chiodo — home to the famous Modernist Poet Fernando Pessoa’s statue. And, don’t forget to carry your camera along, if wishing to restore the memories of the city in albums. For shopping, Chiodo — though a historic street lined with ancient buildings and ethnic landmarks — is perfect for tourists to savor a nice dinner or enjoy a drink or two. Next, why miss out on the St. Jorge’s Castle and Portugal’s Cristo Rei? The castle and the Cristo statue, both are must see places in Lisbon, not only for their historical legacy but also for the picturesque city view and the pellucid lake flowing below you. And while you are getting bored with the typical museum artifacts — stored sophisticatedly in showcases — get some time out for the ancient Roman ruins lying tattered at Evora — raw and real. On the way also make sure to take a short stop along with the bylines of the acclaimed Evora University and the Jardin Publico — Evora’s Park.

For some taste of beauty and charm of nature, drive to the piquant suburbs of Lisbon or walk along with the parks at the Aveiro City — often considered “Venice of Portugal”. Depicting a quintessential Venetian aura, the city is resplendent with canals, bridges, and the floating Moliceiros — like the gondolas in Venice – common must see Lisbon tourist attractions. Ride the Moliceiros and traverse the entire city and photograph some of the best locations to store memories after you are home-back. Parks like the Santo Antonio Park and the Dom Pedro Children’s Park are perfect to stroll around and cherish the pleasant weather. Best of all, the Aveiro Cathedral, Camera Municipal, Carmelite Church, etc are perfect for you to walk-over, if here. Happy Tripping!

List of must see Lisbon sightseeings:

  • Aveiro Cathedral
  • Camera Municipal
  • Carmelite Church
  • Santo Antonio Park
  • Dom Pedro Children’s Park
  • Aveiro City
  • Evora
  • Jardin Publico, Evora
  • St. Jorge’s Castle
  • Portugal’s Cristo Rei
  • Chiodo
  • Ponte 25 de Abril
  • Royal Palace of Balem
  • Balem Cultural Center
  • Gulbenkian Museum
  • Balem Tower,

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