Fast Facts

  • Location: Macedonia in southeast Europe is surrounded by Bulgaria in the east, Greece in the south, Albania in the west, and Serbia in the north
  • Capital City: Skopje
  • Language/s: Macedonian
  • Currency: Macedonian denar
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC + 1), CEST (UTC + 2)
  • ISD Code: 389
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • International Airports: Skopje Petrovec Airport, and Ohrid Airport

The Republic of Macedonia is a nation that has encouraged, nurtured and lauded the finer intellectual sensibilities of man. Other than the must see Republic of Macedonia sightseeings, the country is has a noteworthy history and culture of theaters, music, literature, and other forms of visual and performing arts. The vibrant culture of Macedonia arises from a heterogeneous society comprising of Macedonians, Albanians, Serbs, Turks, and Vlachs. The cultural heritage of this nation goes back to historic days of the ancient Greek empire when the country was an integral part of this great civilization. Traversing through the streets, you will come across various must see places in the Republic of Macedonia that display its cultural intensity. The posh environment of the market places and the shopping complexes of the city are very much in contrast to the ethnicity of the historical monuments. The overwhelming charm of the cities and the traditional demeanor of the architectures will be even more enticing for you.

If you are looking for a trip to Macedonia, be sure to come across amazing diversities in natural sites as well as majestic architectures. The country boasts of various remnants from the Greek culture and famed monasteries. Saint Naum and Saint Panteleimon in Ohrid and the exemplary art of the monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski are major cultural evidence of Macedonia. The orthodox Christianity followed in the Macedonian Orthodox Church is eminent sightseeing in the country for its wide range of followers throughout Europe. St. George and St John Church are also worthy to be visited for their historical significance and unique architectural prowess. In fact, the cool and tranquil village of Rostusa is also one of the must see Republic of Macedonia destinations for its laid-back ambiance and traditional flavor. The Turkish Baths and Oriental Bazaar in Skopje are evidence of the existence of a well-planned civilization in Macedonia. You can even get lost in the complex pathways of the Skopje Fortress “Kale” to experience a new thrill. Discover the Roman ruins of Heraclea in Bitola, or the old town of Ohrid spread over the banks of a grand lake. Ohrid with its typical red-roofed houses, rustic restaurants, and sidewalk cafes lends an amiable environment so charming that it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and must see the place in the Republic of Macedonia.

Macedonia in Europe is not only a cradle of heritage sites and archaeological remains but also a nation of buoyant events. Ohrid Summer Festival held between July and August is an ensemble of music and drama. You can even visit the Struga Poetry Evenings that draw eminent poets from all parts of the world. As for the natural wonders of the country, you can walk through the dense woods of the national parks, cherish a long evening walk along the lakes and photograph the wonderful vistas from the hilltops of the mountains. The Pelister National Park, The Mavrovo National Park, and the picturesque Galicica National Park are excellent tourist destinations in the Republic of Macedonia. Blessed with beauteous terrains, you can even excite your adrenalin by going out for mountain expeditions, trekking or cycling in Mount Pallister in the Baba Range and the Mount Busava, which are must Republic of Macedonia tourist spots. The country also invites you to a new world of greenery, when you stroll around the narrow passages of the botanical gardens viewing varied species of flowers, plants, and trees.

When to Visit Macedonia
May to September is the best time to visit Macedonia with mid-July to mid-August being the busiest period.

Traveling to and within Macedonia
The Republic of Macedonia being landlocked is accessible by air or land. Petrovec Airport in Skopje is the main international airport while Ohrid is the other, both of which cater to flights to European destinations. Macedonia is connected by roads to Albania, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Kosovo. Buses ply between Skopje in Macedonia and Sofia, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, and Zagreb. Train services exist between Skopje and Belgrade, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.

For traveling within the country buses, taxis, and rented cars are the usual modes of conveyance.

List of must see places in the Republic of Macedonia:

SkupiHerakleaMarko’s FortressSamuel’s FortressStobiMeckin KamenVillage Vevcni, StrugaMacedonian MuseumsNational Parks in Macedonia Macedonia Botanical GardensChurches in MacedoniaMonastery in MacedoniaSkopje Fortress “Kale” Lake DojranThe Stone BridgeLake OhridPopova SapkaKrusevoMavrovoMount PelisterLake PrespaChurches in MacedoniaSkopje Fortress “Kale” Lake DojranThe Stone BridgeLake OhridPopova SapkaKrusevoMavrovoMount PelisterLake PrespaSkupiHerakleaMarko’s FortressSamuel’s FortressStobiMeckin KamenVillage Vevcni, StrugaMacedonian MuseumsNational Parks in Macedonia Macedonia Botanical Gardens

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