Fast Facts

  • Location: South-East Central Europe.
  • Capital: Bucharest.
  • Currency: leu (RON).
  • Language: Romanian.
  • Best time to Visit: April-May and September-October.
  • Time Zone: UTC+2.
  • Calling Code: +40
  • Major Airports: Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport (OTP), Traian Vuia International Airport (TSR).

Romania, a country in South-East Central Europe, is located on the Lower Danube, in the north of the Balkan Peninsula. Bordered by the Republic of Moldova to the northeast, Serbia, and Hungary to the west and Bulgaria to the south, the must see Romania have almost all of the Danube Delta within its territory. Romania is a country of diversity, sometimes with striking contrasts. Over the years, the country has become famous for its tourism expansion. The beautiful must see places in Romania, attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. Though it is not dotted with natural wonders, the country is known for its architectural prodigies. If you are looking for Medieval architecture and wish to flounder into the dark world of Dracula history then Romania is the right place for you.

List of must see places in Romania: The must see places in Romania can be subdivided under various fields. To start, first, visit the sublime architectures of the castles and the palaces. Most of the castles of the country belong to the Medieval times. Though you will find uncountable castles and places all around the place, yet some of the historically significant castles and palaces of the country include Bran, Corvinti, Fagaras and the palaces of the Peles. For those who are Dracula fans, you will be thrilled to visit Bran Castle, which is commonly known as Dracula Castle.

After you are over with the thrill of exploring the darkness of the Dracula Castle and have had a close look at the Medieval architecture, it is time to walk to the monasteries and the churches. In this context, if you happen to visit the monasteries you will be overwhelmed to come across the hand-painted frescoes, which are major characteristics of the Romanian Monasteries. Some renowned monasteries that can well be considered must see places in Romania include Vornet Monastery, Moldovita Monastery, Humor Monastery and many more. Don’t give up on your trip until you have captured the marvelous artifacts of the churches. The churches in Romania are again classified into fortified churches and wooden churches, which yet again explains the diversity of art in the country. While the fortified churches are actually souvenirs by the Germans in the 12th century, the wooden churches, mostly located in the Maramures Region are true artistry of Romania. In Romania, you will come across various fortified and wooden churches, which tell the long-drawn historical story and the religious beliefs of the country. For instance, Bierten, Viscri, Prejmer, Harman, Hosman, Mosna are well known fortified churches that are unforgettable must see tourist attractions in Romania. Wooden churches like Sighetul Marmatiei and Sursesti Church are two of the most visited places in the country for their unusual attractiveness and the serene surrounding of the area.

Anyone who is traveling to Romania will miss something awesome if they do not take a trip to the Wine regions of the country. Here you can sip the best wine ever made. In fact, the country has gained great prominence for its quality Vineyards, which today have become must see Romania. Here you can visit the oldest vineyard that started in the 19th century. The Tsarnaev Region, Cotnari Region, Murfatlar Region, and the Dealu Mare Region are certain notable places you will never want to miss.

Romania has a transitional climate, between temperate and continental and has four distinct seasons. Summers are usually quite hot, whereas springs are pleasant with cool mornings and nights and warm days. The average rainfall is 750 mm per year. The western mountains see more rainfalls, and a good deal of snowfall as well.


Air: Romania has 17 airports, of which, 10 serve international flights. The largest and busiest airport in the country is Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport (OTP) in Bucharest. You will find flights to all the major European cities, to some Middle Eastern capitals, and to all the Romanian cities. Traian Vuia International Airport (TSR) is the second-largest airport in the country located at Timisoara.

Train: Romania has an extensive rail network that connects several European destinations. You will find international trains to Venice, Vienna, Munich, Budapest, Prague, Istanbul, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia, Kyiv, and Moscow. Besides these, the rail network of Romania also connects various cities of Romania with each other.

Bus: Buses are also available from various destinations in Europe including Germany, and Switzerland.

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