The other day I saw Vladimir Putin, Prime minister of Russia, giving a try on the crossbow to kill a gray-whale on the eastern coast. That the charismatic minister had joined a science expedition, was more than elating for me — hopefully more for the Russian plebeians. Well, for me it was more than just the appeasing countenance, and the vigor of the ultra-macho minister, for the spectacular coastal background instantly caught my eyes. It was then that I planned a trip to the must see Moscow sites and other attractions in Russia. Well, if it is Moscow — the capital city — then you always have a number of sightseeing options lined-up for you to feast on. Frankly speaking, the country once being the cornerstone of communism and often much tussled by the ruthlessness of Stalin, is bewitching if you delve into the must see places in Moscow, in particular. More, whilst you are all-consumed in the pomp of the markets, the stark skyscrapers, and the business centers, or the imposing historic relics, then you can well turn romantic beholding the quintessential suburban backwaters or the boundless horizon of the meadows and the blue sea.

To start with, there’s the Kremlin, one of the must see Moscow sites, you obviously can’t wish a miss. Walk past the enormous collections on display here. Once you are there, bump on the Cathedral Square — spread out with myriads of cathedrals once frequented by great Tsars. And, after a lazy walk gazing at the artistic mastery of every architecture, there is also the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon that testifies the grandeur of Russian art. If history entices you then don’t miss out on the Amory Museum, known for its imperial collections. With youngsters strutting gleefully under the afternoon sun that blazes and fades in the Siberian chrome, best get set to amble the Red Square – one of the most renowned centers in the city. Here, there are a plethora of sites to check out as you walk past every corner. If patient enough, stand in long queues to check out the acclaimed Lenin’s Tomb or penetrate the historical interiors of the Basil’s Cathedral. Best, plan the trip at late evening to cherish the surrounding vistas and saunter around the vacuous alleys. And, not to ignore, the Old Arbat Street and the Izmaylovo Market are typical Moscow tourist spots if tired with the solitude.

More so, you will be wow-ed by the uber-scenic vistas from the Sparrow Hills — a must see the place in Moscow for all. The highest point in the city, the summit is perfect to be ventured by the over-enthusiastic lot, who wish to avail of a panoramic view of the city-scape and try their luck on photography. A romantic moment I would say. Ask me why? Obviously, the quaint atmosphere, the cool breeze and the impressive skyline of Moscow are worth a cherish for every couple. Get over the trance, cause the moment is ripe to browse over museum art collections. If the Pushkin Fine Art Museum — known for its foreign art stuffs galore with Impressionism, Post- Impressionism and Renaissance art — has stupefied your nerves, then the pretty-obvious Russian artistry at the State Tretyakov Gallery is best to check-out artworks of Repin, Vrubel, Kandinsky, Chagall, and many other artists.

Overlook the city glitters, the profound tradition and the artistic prowess of the must see Moscow city sites for a while and merge with the suburban milieu. Zvenigorod — an ancient township 63 Km from the hustle of the city is a brilliant place to sojourn for days until you are wholesomely drenched into the rich heritage, the fluorescent cathedrals and the ethnic pathways. All not discovered yet, until you stroll around or capture the masterpieces of Arkhangelskoye — an 18th century estate 20 Km away from Moscow — in your camera, or have driven miles to the spiritual epicenter of Moscow, Sergeyev Posad. Don’t get tired yet, cause the traditional semblance of Pereslavl-Zalessky and Vladimir, the affluent Rublyovka — home to a multitude of billionaires — and, the picturesque Dmitrov and Suzdal landscapes still awaits you.

Have a blissful tour of this vacation.

List of must see Moscow sites:

  • Dmitrov
  • Suzdal
  • Pereslavl-Zalessky
  • Vladimir
  • Rublyovka
  • Sergeyev Posad
  • Arkhangelskoye
  • Zvenigorod
  • State Tretyakov Gallery
  • Pushkin Fine Art Museum
  • Sparrow Hills
  • Old Arbat Street
  • Izmaylovo Market
  • Basil’s Cathedral
  • Lenin’s Tomb
  • Amory Museum
  • Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon
  • Cathedral Square
  • Kremlin

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