Fast Facts

  • Location: Approximately 19 miles south of St. Petersburg in Russia
  • Attraction Type: A-town
  • Significance: An Imperial estate belonging to Czar Pavel
  • Best time to Visit: May to September
  • Visiting hours: Pavlovsk Palace — 10 am to 5 pm except for Fridays; Pavlovsk Garden — 9 am to 8 pm daily
  • How to reach: By train from Vitebsk Station in St. Petersburg to Pavlovsk; alternatively by minibus from Moskovskaya Metro Stn.
  • Nearest International Airport: St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport

Pavlovsk imperial estate is outstanding with its neo-classical palace and its adjoining landscaped gardens. The Pavlovsk Palace with its grandeur and brilliance reflects the fine taste of Czar Pavel, the son of Catherine the Great. This one-day excursion from St. Petersburg would leave you overwhelmed and gratifying. The Pavlovsk Garden is perhaps the best English styled landscaped garden outside England. Whenever on a visit to Russia never miss out on mesmerizing Pavlovsk.

Pavlovsk was a gift from Empress Catherine the Great to her son Czar Pavel. This sprawling estate of about 607 hectares along the banks of River Slavyanskaya was developed towards the end of the 18th century. Construction of Pavlovsk Palace began under the guidance of Scottish architect Charles Cameron. However, the job of designing the palace came upon Vincenzo Brenna, assistant of Charles Cameron. With the patronage of Czar Pavel and his German wife Maria Feodorovna, Brenna created a wonder in neo-classical architecture. The upper two floors are characterized by Corinthian columns supporting a Pompeian cornice. The entirety is covered by a copper dome supported by a colonnaded drum.

The opulent and imperious interior is in complete contrast to the somewhat simple outward appearance. The Picture Gallery is mesmerizing with the paintings of Rubens, Tiepolo, and Salvador Rosa. The Palace’s Dining Room has a collection of 606 pieces of gold dinner set. The Italian Hall and Grecian Hall are engrossing with flamboyant gilt and marble decorations on its walls and ceilings. The fluted columns in jade are in contrast to the white embellished walls. This hall exudes the feeling of a Greek temple. A gilt topped vase and marble chandeliers are amazing. Italian Hall with its marble and gold frieze on the walls and ceiling are hypnotic.

Pavlovsk Park is an exquisitely laid out landscaped garden with rolling slopes and winding streams. The Marienthal Fortress constructed in Gothic architecture and the Obelisk testifies Pavel’s fantasy for militarism. These gentle garden slopes beside Slavyanskaya River are in perfect harmony to the surrounding countryside.

Accommodation in St. Petersburg
For making a trip to Pavlovsk town it is better to stay in St. Petersburg about 19 miles away. The notable hotels include Kempinski Hotel Moika 22, Rossi Hotel, Petro Palace Hotel, Columb Hotel, and Oktiabrskaya Hotel.

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