Fast Facts

  • Location: Lavrushinsky Lane, Moscow
  • Significance: Art Museum
  • Attraction Type: Russian Art, Paintings, Sculpture, Architecture
  • Timings: Daily from 10.30 am — 07.30 pm. (Closed on Mondays)
  • How to Reach: Nearest underground stations are Tretyakovskaya, Novokuznetskaya, and Polyanka.
  • Nearest Airport: Moscow International Airport

Dali expressed clear doubts over the capabilities of Russian painters in his inimitable provocative style in his diaries. However, Russia holds an important place in the development of European art, bringing in certain Oriental influences because of its unique geographical and demographic profile. Russia may not have initiated the movement in the scale of Italian humanism or French impressionism, but it has consistently produced artists of the highest caliber who have excelled in realist, monumental as well as abstract arts. The best place to see the greatest creations of Russian artists is the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.

History of the Tretyakov Gallery
The gallery was founded in 1856 by Pavel Mikhailovich, a merchant from Moscow with a love for art. He acquired artworks by all leading Russian artists of his time. However, it is art from the 19th century onwards that is the best preserved and documented. In 1892, he donated his entire collection to the Russian nation, thereby initiating the beginnings of the Tretyakov Gallery. Tretyakov Gallery is located, quite suitable, in the old quarters of the city of Moscow, not far from the Kremlin Square. Its unique architecture betrays a Russian fairytale-like faí§ade that makes it easily recognizable. The museum itself houses about 150 000 works, exclusively by Russian artists.

Collections of Tretyakov Gallery
The collection of Tretyakov Gallery contains artworks spanning over five hundred years. There are paintings dating back to the 15th century like Andrei Rublev’s St. Paul the Apostle. Theotokos of Vladimir and Rublev’s Trinity are some of the major exhibits of the museum. Other reputed collectibles include Kandinsky’s monumental Composition VII and Malevich’s Black Square. A major part of George Costakis’ works is preserved in this museum.

Tretyakov Gallery of Modern Art
The Gallery of Modern Art is the latest addition to the Tretyakov Gallery. It is connected to the gallery of contemporary art and has a large new building along the Garden Ring. This wing of the gallery specializes in Social Realist works, including the iconic ‘Iron Felix’ by Yevgeny Vuchetich, often referred to as the ‘Forge!’ sculpture. Peter the Great, the 86 meter statue by Zurab Tsereteli is one of the largest outdoor

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