Fast Facts

  • Location: Waterway from St. Petersburg to Moscow in Russia
  • Attraction Type: A river cruise
  • Significance: An unparalleled opportunity of discovering the grandeur and serenity of Russia at the same time
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • Duration of journey: About two weeks
  • How to reach: Reach St. Petersburg or Moscow by flight, train, or road
  • Nearest International Airport: St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport, Moscow Domodedovo International Airport

The waterway of the Czars is a magnificent journey between St. Petersburg and Moscow along with a series of rivers and lakes. In this journey spanning about two weeks, you not only discover the splendor of these two cities but also the quaint villages and small towns along the watercourse. You get to discover fortified monasteries, fairytale churches, and opulent palaces.

The waterway of the Czar journey usually begins from St. Petersburg at the mouth of the Neva River near the Baltic Sea. Thereon it continues through Lake Ladoga, Svir River, Lake Onega, Volga-Baltic Waterway, Rybinsk Reservoir, Volga River and Moscow Canal up to Moscow. Along this watercourse, you would come across small but charming towns like Kizhi, Goritzy, Yaroslavi, and Uglich.

The waterway of the Czar Cruise
This waterway cruise in Russia commences in St. Petersburg with a 4-day city tour of this alluring city. In the ‘city of 300 bridges,’ you get the opportunity to discover Nevsky Prospekt, Peter and Paul Fortress, and St. Isaac’s Cathedral. You also get the scope of visiting the Hermitage Museum, and the brilliant rococo style 18th century Catherine Palac. Inside this Palace visit, the Amber Room featured by ornate carvings. The Peterhof Palace with its French Gothic interiors landscaped gardens, and wonderful fountains is another marvelous destination in St. Petersburg.

After your St. Petersburg tour you cruise to Mandrogy along Svir River after crossing Lake Ladoga. In Mandrogy you could interact with the local community and pay a visit to the Vodka Museum. Thereafter you sail through the calm waters of Onega Lake to arrive at Kizhi village island. Windmills, wooden houses, and churches create a picture postcard setting. The 3-tiered Preobranzhenskaya church with its fairytale structure built without a single nail is outstanding.

From thereon the voyage through Volga-Baltic waterway takes you to Goritzy a typical Russian village. The fortified 14th century Kirillov-Belozersky Monastery set up by Saint Cyril is particularly impressive. The next destination is Yaroslavi noted the Church of the Epiphany. Sit through a traditional choir performance at St. Elijah the Prophet Church. After visiting this Golden Ring city you are taken to Uglich another city of this famous Ring

The last destination of this memorable voyage is Moscow the capital city of Russia. In the three days that you stay here, explore the city in detail. The famed Red Square, the bewildering St. Basil’s Cathedral with its brightly colored domes, and the Sergiev Posad are all redoubtable attractions. In the evening entertain yourself with a stupendous performance at the Bolshoi Theater.

All along this Waterway of the Czars cruise accommodation and dining is either on the cruise ship or arranged by it. This cruise could also be made from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

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