Fast Facts

  • Location: Scotland
  • Best time to Visit: All over the year
  • Admission Fee: Â£12 for adults, £ 6 for children
  • How to reach: The castle is easily accessible from the main city center. Buses, taxis, and cars regularly ply between the main city center and the castle.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Waverley Station
  • Nearest International Airport: Edinburgh International Airport
  • The time required for sightseeing: 2-3 hours

Walkthrough the spectacular Edinburgh Castle and get a feel of the royal medieval Scottish culture and heritage. One of the famous medieval castles of Europe, the Edinburgh Castle is a surviving relic of the medieval history of Europe. Your trip to Scotland remains almost as empty without visiting the Edinburgh Castle.

The Edinburgh Castle dates back to thousands of years. It draws thousands of tourists from all parts of the world every year. It is the second most popular tourist attraction in Scotland and every tiny bit of the castle provides a deep insight into the rich culture and heritage.

The Edinburgh Castle is located atop an extinct volcano and rises up to a height of around 120 meters. By entering the gate itself, you will be simply awe-inspired by the majestic view of the castle. The mountains at the backdrop add more grandeur to the setting. The castle is divided into several buildings. There is a long sloping court located in the front of the castle which is known as the Esplanade. The place is the venue of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo that takes place every year.

There are plenty of wonderful sites in the Edinburgh Castle which are rich specimens of the architectural grandeur of medieval Scotland. Visiting these places is really an experience that you will remember all throughout your life. Some of the popular points of interest in the Edinburgh Castle are:

The Great Hall
It is known for the high decorated wooden ceiling and also has a collection of weapons and ammunition.

The Crown Room:
It ranks among the most important rooms in the castle and is home to the Scepter, Crown and the Sword of State of Scotland. This room draws plenty of tourists.

The Royal Apartments:
If you wish to know about the rich history of Scotland, visit the Royal Apartments. The building consists of a wide range of historical artifacts, antiques, and relics of ancient times. There is also a small room in the Royal Apartments where Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to her son, James VI, who later became the emperor of England as James I.

St. Margaret’s Chapel:
It is a well-known monument in Edinburgh Castle. The chapel is shaped like a small Norman church and is the oldest building in the castle. The chapel is high esteemed and members of the castle garrison still get married in the chapel.

In addition to these, there are also some other attractions like Mons Meg, a huge fifteenth-century canon, Witches’ Well, a small iron wall-fountain and lots more. An added attraction is the Edinburgh Castle pub. Here you will get a wide range of local as well as international brands of beer, wines, and other alcoholic drinks. The pub is designed in the ancient style which adds to the delightful ambiance. There is also an educational center where workshops and audiovisual shows for children and students are arranged.

Reaching Edinburgh Castle is easy and convenient. The castle is easily accessible from the main city center. Buses, taxis, and cars regularly ply between the main city center and the castle. Train services are also available. There are also a number of hotels near the Edinburgh Castle which offer pleasant facilities and services at reasonable rates. For a comprehensive audio-visual experience of touring at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, watch this video!

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