Fast Facts

  • Location: Northeast of Scottish Mainland and Orkey group of Islands, between the North Sea to its east and the Atlantic Ocean to its west
  • Attraction Type: Islands
  • Significance: A historical heritage of more than 5000 years
  • Best Time to Visit: May to September
  • How to Reach: By flight to Sumburgh Airport; alternatively by ferries from Aberdeen, and Kirkwall
  • Nearest International Airport: Sumburgh Airport

Shetland is truly an exceptional place to witness wildlife. Here seals and otters frolic in coves among rugged coastlines, killer whales stalk the Shetland seas, and a million breeding seabirds keep the air heady by their constant chirping. Shetland in Scotland is a paradise for bird watchers, naturalists, photographers, honeymooners, and families. Inhabitants of Shetland are proud of their treasured heritage which goes back 6000 years.

Shetland Archipelago situated to the northeast of Orkney and Scottish mainland forms a natural division between the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the North Sea in the east. The landscape of Shetland is deceptive as many of its features have been created by humans over thousands of years and not by nature as popularly believed. As agriculture was not the primary occupation of local inhabitants, excavations are still going on for more archaeological discoveries. Jarlshof, Old Scatness, Muness Standing Stone, Mausa Broch, Papil Stone, and Bressay Stone are remarkable archaeological testimonies of human occupation of these islands.

With more than 138 beaches spread over a total coastline of 1500 km, Shetland offers endless water activities. Trout fishing in the numerous lochs, numbering about 300, is a joy in these islands. Kayaking and scuba diving are among the popular sporting activities while golfing in the 18-hole golf courses at Shetland Golf Club near Lerwick is an inexplicable experience. You could also discover the interiors of the islands on bicycles.

In the seas surrounding the Shetland Islands, whale watching is a specialty. Up Helly AA Festival held in end, January involves burning of Viking galley, torchlight processions, fancy dress parades, revelry and merrymaking throughout the evening and into early morning hours.

Accommodation and Dining
On your tour to Shetland, you choose among hotels as per your requirements. Some of the notable hotels are Busta House Hotel in North Mainland, Sumburg Hotel in South Mainland, Sumburg Hotel in South Mainland, The Shetland Hotel in Lerwick, and Queens Hotel in Lerwick.

Connoisseurs of good food can savor local as well as international recipes in Shetland restaurants. Peerie Shop Cafíé, Monty’s Bristo, Olive Tree, and Queen’s Hotel are among the better eateries in Lerwick. Apart from these, St. Ninian’s Isle Cafíé, St. Magnus Bay Hotel, Booth at Helswick, and Eshaness Cafíé are attractive options.

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