Must see Edinburgh sightseeings in Scotland — not so popular among tourists maybe — but have lately spurred madness among travelers for its picturesque setting adorned with castles, green meadows sprawled all over, city parks and gardens as well as historical artifacts. Looking for parties, and you are at the heart of whiskey making — the best scotch blends available all throughout. But, often most of us are ignorant of the fascinating past of the country and its dramatic landscapes, and terrains. In this context — the must see places in Edinburgh are perfect to get a closer look at the ethereal charm of the country as a whole. While the castles and the forts may seem enticing for their unusual architecture and the historical events unraveled, the cool pathways passing through enchanting woodlands, green farmlands still scattered with farmers and the sparkling city lights, are still alluring for all travelers. Capital to Scotland, Edinburgh is also the seat to architectural masterpieces that makes it a deserving place to sojourn for months — if you wish to. Ask about the countryside — and anyone will be flipped over by its pristine beauty and divine solitude.

You are into the spell — in the Scottish spell to be precise — after you have ventured into Edinburgh. Don’t procrastinate any, but make sure you cherish every moment of your stay. To start with, Edinburgh Castle is the best place you can always think of. Apart from the awesome surrounding and the architectural mastery of the castle, what is most touching is the historical events displayed through it. If the Stone of Destiny in the castle is a national emblem, then The Royal Mile – another must place in Edinburgh — is a brilliant place to lazy around and enjoy the cool air. Placed in the heart of Scotland, the city looks all the more splendid for its festive environment that surrounds the entire city all throughout the year. So, for diverse beauty, either walk past the streets to adore the laudable beauty of the city streets, or enjoy the bashful celebrations during festive times.

Though a part of U. K, yet Scotland is a different country with a unique charm of its own, no matter whether it is the language, age-old culture or the unparalleled countryside ambiance. Old-style houses, well-planned parks, gardens, and even market places, make it a perfect destination for the Brits or for those from other countries. To unveil the queer sophistication and elegance or the country, mark a visit to the Palace of Holyroodhouse — a must see Edinburgh site – after you are done with the Royal Mile. An official residence for the Queen, the palace looks strikingly beautiful for its surrounding scenery, its 16th-century traditional construction and the intricate artistry all throughout the palace.

You are still undone, unless you have visited the great Royal Yacht Brittanica — yet another must see places in Edinburgh – that takes you back to the ancient history of Scotland, to the times when the country was first founded. Not only history, but the place is also a queer mixture of art and nature’s beauty. The crashing sound of the waves on the cool beaches and the azure seawater is all that is requires to make you feel romantic — and that’s what the place consists of. Not to forget, the artistic prowess of the — really amazing!

Finally, alls well that ends well. Make your trip a success, by bringing a smile on your kid’s face. The Edinburgh Zoo is the right place to achieve this. Take your kids to the deepest portions of the zoo, to let them enjoy the rare diversity of nature and gaze at penguins at play and wolves at their prime. Next, its what you say, “Love for nature”. For this, ‘Our Dynamic Earth’ is the place you can’t miss either — established in the year 1999.

List of must see Edinburgh sightseeings:

  • Our Dynamic Earth
  • Edinburgh Zoo
  • Royal Yacht Brittanica
  • Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • Royal Mile
  • Stone of Destiny
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • The Forth Bridge
  • Edinburgh Ghost Tour
  • Arther’s Seat
  • Royal Museum
  • Princess Street

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