Keeping aside the much-talked-about, ‘must see Glasgow sites’, think of ethnicity, of nature’s beauty and of course, the ‘native wit’ of the city. An exciting place for all, whether it is activities or fun, or serenity you are looking for. In fact, even walking past the heart of the city will bring you across plush markets places, crowded shops, and endless celebrity glitterati — proof enough to perceive the tourism diversity of the city. Even, world-famous travel magazines and renowned travelers are heard predicting Glasgow’s tourism business to tip a sudden boom. If you are thinking about the must see places in Glasgow, then be prepared to get awed by the quaint countrysides, the solitude of the suburbs or even the historic arts at the museums and galleries. And when much is explored with enthusiasm, time to sojourn at cozy hotels situated in the vicinity of the city — to enjoy the village ambiance.

While natural beauty has always been a part of Glasgow, owing to its native touch to the entire setting, yet the city is distinctively known for its historic edifices, museums and varieties of festivals, that make your trip further enticing. And while you are bored with the monotonous walks, complex modern arts, and the benignly beautiful architectures — just drop by a restaurant or a pub or a bar to enjoy the evening or the night. As for the must see Glasgow sites, start with anything to wish to see first. Art is sprawled all over. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum located at the Kelvingrove Garden is one of the most sought after sites in all of Scotland, preceded only by the Edinburgh Castle. Build-in 1906, the external semblance is a spectacular Spanish baroque construction and the intricate artistry inside is heart-stopping. Don’t get charmed so early, cause there are a lot more in store for you. No matter what you are looking for — whether it is the artistic mastery of Dutch artists, the likes of Monet and Cezannes or breathtaking Scottish paintings — you’ll find everything here.

Next is the very famed Transportation Museum – one of the most nostalgic tourist destinations in Glasgow. For those with an inclination towards history and ancient culture, will love it for the ancient simplicity it portrays. Everything from ancient trains, the magnificent double-decker tram that adorned the cobbled roads till the 1960s, to the vintage cars, — hardly seen today — everything in the museum takes you back to the glorious history of Glasgow. Don’t stop rambling the must see places in Glasgow until you have checked out the Hunterian Museum in the University Avenue, or the Burrell Collections in the corner of the Pollock Country Park. And if your foray or exploration is not over, there are bounteous scopes in the city. Visit the Holmwood House, a majestic construction by Alexander Thomson that expresses the legacy of the architect. Other buildings in and around the place include Egyptian Halls in Onion Street and the St. Vincent Church in the city center.

Head for the city center next, and get a glimpse of the People’s Palace – one of the major landmarks of the city and a must see Glasgow site — that holds great historical eminence. The beautifully set red sandstone French architecture was built long ago but was opened only in 1998 for public viewing. Don’t miss a visit, neither its interiors or the galore of tropical plant displayed at its backyard. What else! Everything in the city seems to unfold a story of their own, that in some way or the other displays the history of the country. May it be the Gallery of Modern Art near George Square, or the statuesque architectural marvel of the Glasgow Cathedral, or in fact, the Saint Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, all are worth a visit for your legacy as well as artistry.

If the art and history sites are getting monotonous, find time for other activities. Walk past the Tobermory Harbor situated in the Isle of Mull, to cherish the enthralling surroundings, or plan a night stay at St. Judes — a restaurant cum bar cum hotel — one of the most famed places to enjoy a luxurious stay. And not to forget, the Fat Ladies restaurant at the Battery, to saver the most waistband- friendly meals, you ever had.

List of must see Glasgow sightseeings:

  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
  • Transportation Museum
  • Hunterian Museum
  • Burrell Collections
  • Holmwood House
  • Egyptian Halls
  • St. Vincent Church
  • People’s Palace
  • Gallery of Modern Art near George Square
  • Glasgow Cathedral
  • Saint Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art
  • Tobermory Harbor
  • St. Judes
  • Fat Ladies Restaurant
  • Glasgow Necropolis
  • Tenement House
  • Glasgow School of Art

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