Fast Facts

  • Location: The British Isles
  • Capital: Edinburgh
  • Currency: Pound
  • Language: Scottish, English and some other regional languages.
  • Best time to Visit: March to September
  • Time Zone: GMT
  • Calling Code: 44
  • Major Airports: Glasgow International Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Inverness Airport, and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport

Scotland is the land where formidable medieval fortifications stand in contrast to lush plains and green valleys. To get access to the quintessential traditions and the enrapturing glamor of the country, visit the must see Scotland tourist places. With awe-striking grandeur and the bountiful gift of history, Scotland would be one of the most unlikely voyages you have ever come across. Besides the alluring must see places in Scotland, the country is also home to exciting sports, the famous Scotch whiskey as well as the classic golf.

Must see places in Scotland:

  • Glasgow: Start with Glasgow. Being one of the major tourist locations in the must see Scotland list, the city is every tourist’s destined place. Being the largest and the most populated city in the country, Glasgow boasts of ample tourism hot spots. Starting from the architectural prowess of the George square that hoards meticulous artistry to the ebullient city life and the glitz of the nightclubs, Glasgow is an ultimate destination for the enthusiastic tourists. To the west, you will find the Saint Mungo’s Cathedral, one of the oldest architecture of Scotland. An outcome of the splendorous Gothic architecture, the cathedral would be strikingly beautiful for those who love history and adventure.
  • Edinburgh: Retreating from then hollow pathways of Saith Mungo’s cathedral, you can now further go deeper into the country’s magnificence by visiting Edinburgh, the capital city of the country and a must see the place in Scotland. Sauntering around the precincts of the city will bring you across various historical vestige that is still standing stalwart in the heart of the city. Here, you can visit the Old Town of Edinburgh that is noted for its wondrous architectures built by Martin Luther. The magnificent sleight of the castle of the Old Town is one of the most uncommon artistic excellence you can ever find. Further, the St. Giles Cathedral and the Royal Repository of Edinburgh will hypnotize you with their charms.
  • Hebrides Islands: A visit to the Hebrides Island is a must for nature lovers. Situated to the Northwest edge of Europe, the island is a beautiful place for tourists to enjoy everything from jungle expeditions, brisk walks in the seaside to experiencing myriads of outdoor activities. The flora and fauna of the place are unavoidable as you can see dears, otters, buzzards, birds and various species of flowers.
  • Orkney Islands: Other than this, a wondrous place with unusual landscapes is the Orkney Islands, a UNESCO Heritage Site and an archipelago of 70 islands. The island is a must see Scotland tourist site, owing to its tribal base, the awesomeness of the Skara Brae and Auskerry, one of the 70 islands that is home to endangered birds.
  • St. Andrews: Get a glimpse of the historical previews and the picturesque views of Inverness and enjoy the unforgettable aura of St. Andrews.
  • Isle of Skye: Situated to the western coast of the country, is the enchanting landscape and the coastlines of the Island of Skye, that is worth a visit to enjoy a romantic holiday.
  • Dundee and Perth: The enormous beauty and art of the Nouveau buildings, the Tenement House, Victorian artistry are all must see places in Scotland. Added to all these, also visit cities like Perth and Dundee city.

The climate of Scotland is temperate. The summer months are cool and pleasant while the winter months are chilly with frequent snowfall. The best time to come for trips to Scotland is between the months of March and September. The weather in this part of the year remains pleasant with less rainfall.


Air: Air travel is one of the popular forms of transportation in Scotland. The well-known airports in Scotland are Glasgow International Airport, Aberdeen Airport, Inverness Airport, and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport. There are flights from various parts of the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe and across the world.

Train: Scotland is served by five rail networks such as National Express East Coast, Virgin Trains, Cross Country Trains, Transpennine Express, and First Scotrail. They link various parts of Scotland with other parts of Britain and the surrounding regions.

Bus: Road transport in Scotland is well developed and buses and coaches are one of the most cost-effective ways of coming to the country. The main bus service is provided by National Express.

Ferry: Being an island, Scotland is served by ferry services. Some of the well-known ferry networks in the country are the Norfolk Line, Stena Line, and Smyril Line. They link Scotland with various parts of the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries.

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